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    Surface noise issues? With splatter vinyl? From Pirates Press?!?
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    The STAR WARS Thread

    I’m genuinely glad to hear that many were satisfied with this conclusion, because I saw it yesterday and I’m still seething I hated it so much. I’m not a hardcore fan by any stretch and I quite enjoyed both the previous films, but I just couldn’t with the unearned fan service, inexplicable plot/action nonsense, and undoing some of the interesting wrinkles I thought Last Jedi added. The only entertaining part was when the two major characters kiss on the mouth near the end and the old man next to me in the theatre said “Barf”.
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    Mr. Robot

    Well guys, for anyone here who still cares: tonight’s the night. One of the most wild and crazy shows I’ve ever had the privilege of watching comes to an end. I’m excited and sad at the same time. They’re treating us well with it though. A whole 2 hour finale (probably closer to an hour and a half/hour 45 with commercials). Can’t wait.
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    Thanks for this. Already got shipping notification.
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    Seriously, I think this is sweet and I'm sorry that this is a bad answer but don't use it. Save the money you'd be spending on records for a better player.
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    The STAR WARS Thread

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    could you just fill us in?
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    You're welcome! I've already found some pretty good deals just browsing while working. I've added Insound and Barnes and Noble to the mix. Waiting for Amazon API approval to get slightly better results from them. Appreciate all the source recommendations! Going to get them added one by one. I also like the idea of adding label stores. Not just about finding the cheapest option but also who you want to give your money to.
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