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  2. Update: Iodine confirmed it was a warehouse mixup when I asked on IG. Told me Project M sent the following for people to contact them: “You can point people to: mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]
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  3. Not a fan of the flesh variant either, ended up going with the blood-red marbled. Ended up being $8 more than the US release, but my favorite of the bunch. https://www.nuclearblast.com/eu/0-1060222
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  4. got a ticket
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  5. ✨CHOKE METEOR GEM EXCLUSIVE✨ The day has come - we can unveil our exclusive Silver Cloudy variant copies of the new demolisher "Desiphon" by Choke - courtesy of Translation Loss Records Choke plays their cutthroat mix of grindcore, death, and sludge with no remorse. In under 15 minutes the debut EP leaves the listener leveled with impactful songwriting and immense production by none other than God City Music - If you are a fan of MG store selection it is mandatory you listen to this record. Each copy comes with a hand-numbered "METEOR GEM EXCLUSIVE" stickered sleeve and etched B-side on the vinyl On October 22nd we will have a listening party for Desiphon here at the shop - the band will be in town from Green Bay - more details on this very soon! Our copies of the record are available now on the shop floor and in the METEOR GEM WEBSHOP ⚡️ALWAYS FREE USA SHIPPING OVER $100 ⚡️UNLIMITED CODE "STACK5" FOR 5% OFF 5 ITEMS ⚡️UNLIMITED CODE "STACK10" FOR 10% OFF 10 ⚡️FIRST-TIME BUYERS USE "RAREMETALS" FOR 10% OFF - ONE TIME CODE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - PICKUP IN CHICAGO - 3082 N ELSTON
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  6. If anyone is interested, I made a video recap (it's long! 28 minutes) of Furnace Fest. Includes footage of 25 bands:
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