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  1. Heard nothing here either. No notification, no update, no record.
  2. While you're at it can you guys just go ahead and do Kerosene Hat by Cracker? Seems like it would be right in step with Where you're going and have gone recently.
  3. Actually this was on vinyl, but still a good album worthy of a repress. https://www.discogs.com/Fuel-Sunburn/release/2032468
  4. Before everyone gets too excited about this, in the past they have not had a live inventory system. I've had several orders be refunded over the years after items are not in stock. Not sure if they changed this or not, maybe the member who works there can confirm/deny?
  5. Crazy that the last red press HT did two years ago was only $12.99. Probaly same everything (plates, inserts, jackets) , so presumably a lot less setup work this time around as well.
  6. Looks like the $5.50 shipping cost was a major deterrent.