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  1. After seeing the early bird I am trying so hard not to double dip on that Newbury variant.
  2. I, too, have held off on listening to anything after the initial single. All the positive words really make me excited. LP2, despite being a total Owen record, holds a very special place to me too. I also have been using a couple of smart lights in color coordination with my first listens of records. Really ups the expierence for a first listen.
  3. To make sure you really have what you say you have. Is that that hard to understand? With your immense eBay knowledge you should know it’s a pretty common practice.
  4. A bamboo brush and grave before shave’s cigar vanilla balm.
  5. Via a comment Elusive just left on their IG page, they are currently working on Earthcult. Great news!
  6. knocked out the other side of my neck today. Anubis done by Tyler Harrington @ State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, CA.
  7. Listened to about 45 seconds of the single from See and ordered it instantly. Going to try and hold out till vinyl arrives to give it a full listen. Glad it’s stupendous tho!
  8. That really sucks. Really enjoyed the newest season.
  9. I feel I remember hearing that the Ravena pressing was coming out next from them. Earthcult needs to happen tho.