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  1. It's a great album, but I don't want bull testicles in my collection. I worked at a radio station back when this came out and have a promo cd with an alternate cowboy cover, which I much prefer.
  2. Pre-order for Vampire on Titus colored repress is up : https://midheaven.com/item/vampire-on-titus-colored-vinyl-by-guided-by-voices
  3. Springsteen : Live In Dublin 3LP $14.60 https://www.deepdiscount.com/live-in-dublin/190759789612
  4. Oh boy. That will relight the fire. I'm assuming they have an upper limit. 300 was pretty low, but then again, keep it at that, pick a different color and open back up.
  5. I have similar preferences. I laughed when the new split was announced because I thought "went from 3 colors to 2, now to just wait for the single yellow". But, kudos to them to having the tri-color match the colors of the sleeve. I really don't like color-for-color-sake approach when it doesn't match the artwork.
  6. $25 shipped. New, sealed, remastered 2 LP
  7. I'm doing the same thing. The prices are a bit high on these. I'll wait for a sale. I pulled the trigger day 1 on Live at Hammersmith b/c I couldn't wait, and that one was on sale a lot within 6 months.