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  1. Yeah I say it's more accessible than Death Spells but they're both perfect. Realms is great too but it's more post rock than anything.
  2. I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I've seen of them addressing it was an Instagram story of her on stage that said "stop asking for her @ "
  3. Immediate preorder for me. This is going to be so good. Excited to hear them with Kam again
  4. There's colored boots of Saturday Night Wrist and Around The Fur out in the wild. Managed to get both from Canada and they're not too bad.
  5. Already got it a few weeks ago lol. It sounds great but the book isn't really anything special and 42 minutes spread across six sides is exactly as annoying as it sounded 🤷
  6. Was able to grab a blue copy but surprised these sold out so quickly. Songs fucking rip though.
  7. US link: https://spinefarm.merchnow.com/collections/creeper UK/EUR link: https://creeper.tmstor.es/
  8. Those are nice but my ten year anniversary copies are pretty definitive.
  9. I took a gamble on deep discount. I'll be pissed if it's another white bootleg lol. But I have been looking and MOV hasn't said a thing about it. You'd think it would be announced somehow by now. Kinda sketch.
  10. There's a tour exclusive on blockbuster splatter limited to 1k, 30 a night.
  11. At that price I'm content with my white bootleg but I'd happily pay a stupid price for December Underground.
  12. I'd add Bayside Killing Time to that list. It was what... 8.99? Before it was on sale.

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