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  1. lostcrimes

    PO: Silverstein - REDUX

    Theres stickers too!
  2. lostcrimes

    PO: Silverstein - REDUX

    Grabbed the blue without hesitation. Huge sucker for this band.
  3. lostcrimes

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I believe in you, Satan.
  4. lostcrimes

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Picked up From A Basement On The Hill with the sale. I definitely don't dislike it anymore after giving it a proper listen.
  5. Still up at bullmoose currently https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28639780/metallica-helping-handslive-acoustic-at-the-masonic-gatefold-double-disc-limited-edition-colored-140g
  6. Just got a u turn orbit plus to step up from my lp60. Was thinking about getting both a record weight and an acrylic slip mat. Would I need to adjust anything?
  7. lostcrimes

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Bit the bullet on both Elliott Smith records. Real sad boi hours approaching.
  8. lostcrimes

    Victory Records represses (2019)

    Its neon yellow.
  9. All kinds of salty they skipped Phoenix on the tour.
  10. Missed both hot topic versions. Will be more than happy to grab one.
  11. Their entire discography needs to be pressed.
  12. A black copy of Illusion of safety is far from new or exclusive. Bitch, don't kill my vibe.
  13. lostcrimes

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Dont really like FABOTH but seriously considering Either/Or. Still hate myself for missing out on that beautiful New Moon variant. Not as much as I hate Newbury price tags though.