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  1. lostcrimes

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    Kinda cool they're on epitaph.
  2. lostcrimes

    PO NOW: Eminem - Kamikaze

    From the comments here I dont think anyone would want it but there is a retail version on olive green vinyl.
  3. I'm still salty as fuck I paid for all these separately. For another 30 bucks I could of got them in a nice box set, an autograph, a shirt and the blu ray set.
  4. The newest pressing of the first Angels and Airwaves album is down to 21.67 which is almost half of what it would be shipped from src https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GR2GDLP
  5. And not bump a near 8 year old thread? Hogwash.
  6. For those of you hoping on getting a tour press make sure you get there early. They're only selling five a night. I was lucky enough to grab one after cutting two thirds of the line but they didn't last long.
  7. lostcrimes

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    You think thaaaaats bad
  8. I really, really want that starburst. But I'm already hoping to pick up the tour press and dont need three copies of this album.
  9. Might bite. My copy of A&D skips a bunch. I dont need it but that Shipwreck variant looks really nice.
  10. lostcrimes

    PO: Alk3 - Goddamnit Picture Disc

    When he did an anniversary picture disc for the first AJJ album it was just a plastic sleeve
  11. The VIP version is gold but they have a white with splatter available at the merch table
  12. Pretty good tracklist. I'll pick up the indie version if its easily available. Edit: didnt notice that price tag. Big bucket of nope from me now.