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  1. lostcrimes

    Vinyl/Turntables in Movies/TV

    Serious question do records exist at 16 speed? https://youtu.be/Zs_9x5daaMI
  2. Figured that was going to happen eventually. Will definitely pick it up.
  3. Well that's heartbreaking
  4. Fieldy wrote a book too. It's been years since I've read either one but I remember enjoying them.
  5. lostcrimes

    PO: Bayside Acoustic Vol. 2

    New song is pretty good. But doesn't really sound like Bayside. Really intrigued. https://youtu.be/UAhIgyyVFKI
  6. To be fair they did have "scarfaced size mountains of cocaine" and literal orgies in the recording studio. I miss the 90s.
  7. lostcrimes

    PO: Bayside Acoustic Vol. 2

    Kinda weird they're do Devotion and Desire and Blame It On Bad Luck again, but that's a pretty great tracklist. Howard is one of their most underrated songs.
  8. https://www.kornwebstore.com/follow-the-leader-2xlp-red-vinyl-exclusive.html Figured someone might be interested
  9. https://youtu.be/I3sQruyC0kU
  10. http://www.bullmoose.com/c/13921/ten-bands-2018 Underwhelming for me this year but I'm sure some people here will see something they'd like.
  11. Theres also new colors up at victory. But I'd recommend giving your money to target or bullmoose.
  12. As an alcoholic myself that was my first thought.
  13. Zia also has listings for all of them with a release date of 8/10 that are even more expensive. Tf?