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Tour presses on Warped Tour

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If you're talking about heat being an issue, it was 90 and humid AF last year. I ended up buying a few things from RFC/Defeater. Now obviously they know what they're doing more so than TDWP, but I didn't have a problem with any of the records I bought, even after walking around for a while. However, I do agree I'd buy at your own risk because who knows who's handling them and letting them roast in the sun for hours on end. Plus you'll have to carry it around.

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Check out the protomen while you are there. They know how to rock.


Tour presses on warped is the dumbest and most dangerous idea ever. How many of those pink copies will even be usable.


Last time I was at a Protomen show I bought my vinyl before the show started. I regretted it the moment it started. It made it home safe, but I spent the entire show doing my best to protect it so it hurt the experience a little.

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Couple years back I saw a kid with a record walk out of a pit, clutching it to his chest. The jacket was all bent, scraped, torn and wet - wonder how the record turned out. Some people just don't think. 


I've bought a couple records at Warped, but I always had a friend working where I could just drop them off and not worry about carrying them. 

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Does anyone think Real Friends and Mixtapes will have anything? I'm going to the Milwaukee date (7/30), BTW.

I just saw a picture of Real Friends tent and it doesn't look like it but when I saw them on the Greatest Generation tour they had both EPs on tour presses.  I picked up Everyone That Dragged You Here and it was on this sick looking variant.  Not sure about Mixtapes though.

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