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intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

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Man... I need that Squid the Whale. Like bad. That is one of my all time favorite EPs. If like HBSB and TREOS, but I can live without them. I will be so bummed if I don't manage to grab a new war.

I'm really confused as to how this is happening... Will there be 11 Squid the Whale lathes on December 11th? Or will there be one on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, etc

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Athletics, I got. Owel, sadly, I passed on - a decision which I am now deeply regretting.

awwww mannnn. it's probably one of my favorite records i own, definitely my best sounding one. seriously sounds like a new record with the mix/master on there, especially in the low end. the bass/cello is incredible on it

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We see the Athletics and HBSB re-press requests - I assume we'll make both happen in 2015.


i regret not getting both variants of who you are is not enough. this will end up being one of those few albums i collect... simply too good


A bunch of members were already listening to both bands. It's like your bragging about being a fan or something. We get it.


in his defense, he bumped that athletics thread incessantly.

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