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Anyone Collect Enamel/Button Pins?

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Where the hell did you get that Eraserhead baby??

And it's cheap too!


The only yes means yes pin is excellent.

My friend runs a consent campaign on campus and I told her I'd rock any and every pin she makes!  :D


i dig that GET BENT pin.  I also have the Vacation Forever pin.  love so much stuff from NightWatch Studios. 

I have Vacation Forever, Bigfoot, and a Shark Girl patch.  Nightwatch is excellent!

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Fucking love buttons (more so than enamel pins) I have a pretty solid TMR/Jack White related collection which is the few things that excite me from TMR these days.

But I've always had an affinity for buttons since like 12yrs ago. I would always find random buttons all over my room that I'd forget I had. In drawers, in boxes, in my car..everywhere. I starte following some cool IG offers that you mentioned in another thread. Really cool stuff. Now I just have to buy some

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Got em in today!


Everyone's favorite Peanuts protagonist's endeavors into the infamous California quasi-commune/desert-cult often go unnoticed.  Now you can rep a memento of his sordid past!
This soft enamel lapel pin measures in at 1.75" of good grief and Helter Skelter.  Limited to 100.


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