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Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

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1 hour ago, highfives said:

As much as I love the Foo, I'm still irked by the Darling Nikki cover on this comp.  It's a total rip from another band's cover.

I'm not sure what you would have wanted Foo Fighters to differently here?

To me, the versions are at different tempos, they're in different keys, each band does different little filly bits. The only thing that's "the same" is they're heavy rock versions of the same not-heavy-rock song.

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1 hour ago, clerk3745 said:

So someone on reddit told me that Soundstage Direct has gone belly up, and I may be SOL on this now. Their website is still up and running but they're not responding to any emails and not answering phone calls. Anyone else hear this or ever receive this foo record?

I never received my last order which was the Gwar albums.  I had to issue a charge back with my credit card company which I won.  It's fucked up that their site is still alive and the're taking orders.

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And I have an outstanding order with SSD from June for the Tom petty Live Anthology box set. After phone calls and multiple unanswered emails regarding a refund, I assumed something was up but not that they went belly up. Guess I gotta contact the cc company for a charge back.  

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