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PO: High On Fire - Electric Messiah [Oct. 2018]

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29 minutes ago, holyvacantsholyhell said:

People who won’t buy an album because the variant isn’t limited enough are complete fucking tools, just saying.

Thank you for your mind blowing proclamation. We will always remember that you are just in it for the music. I am definitely buying the album, I just don't feel in a rush to buy it before it comes out. I love this band and you are making dumb ASSumptions. Think before you type, so you don't look like a complete fucking tool, just saying. 

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9 hours ago, ZeroNowhere said:

Anyone have a lead on a red copy or can help me out?  I got a cancellation e-mail from Bullmoose today.



Seriously, I was searching high and low yesterday, today I went into a shop I haven't been to in a couple years and they had one left and  the owner said he can't find anymore anywhere. I assume they'll press more but idk if it'll be red or not.

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Really glad I thought of checking with the closest indie record store, because I waited until 10/8 to even look online and Amazon was out of vinyl, with ebay already jacking the price up and almost nothing there either.  Vintage vinyl in NJ had it listed on their site, so I ordered one from them—had no idea which color it would be and really didn’t care, turns out it’s a red copy.  It was about $25 retail, which sounds like a lot, but it’s a double 180gm LP in a limited run.  I used to pay around $10 for mass produced single LPs on thin warpy shit back in the late 70s and early 80s, so $25 is about right for a nice fat sturdy limited pressing like this.  Some nut on ebay is asking $150 for a sealed red copy.  Is it really only 100 of these?  Anyway mine isn’t sealed—I used the download card.  Glad all around that I have it—great band and I’m liking the songs on it.   I hear you about the “one cut per album” complaint, and I’m sure I know which one you’re talking about on this one, but I kind of like that they put one on there that doesn’t sound like “generic HOF song #37”

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