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RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

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1 minute ago, DecayToDeath said:

I had like five different connections looking for this and all of them struck out, it’s insane

Tfw the point of RSD-exclusive reissues being *not* to make stuff as hard to track down as the first time around is missed.

Same thing with that Thrush Hermit, which is inarguably a Top 3 Most Wanted Canadian RSD exclusive this year, but took me three stores to track down, and I had to call the last store ahead of time to pull aside their last copy as I beelined there.

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I got lucky this year and was able to get the only copy of Justin Courtney Pierre's 4-Track 12" EP that my store got in.  

I didn't even think to request for my store to get it in, I just thought it was going to be exclusive to Minneapolis stores for some reason. 


It was the only thing that interested me this year and I am glad I was able to get it. 

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55 minutes ago, Roandy55 said:


An early shout for these guys, who are displaying their stock levels although they don't go online until tomorrow at 8am EST. Plenty of copies of The Crow.

If I remember correctly, one year their servers were egregious and it was impossible to check out/add to cart. Though maybe they fixed that by now

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