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PO Soon: Andrew Wk - I Get Wet / Wolf - July 19th

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13 minutes ago, gutterball1 said:

I was not counting RSD, everything is closer to $30+ for even the most basic release (ie ep or single) on RSD but that is ok because its a day to help support small mom and pop shops.

depends how you collect.  if you buy just your fav albums on vinyl you'd prob have about a dozen LPs but if you buy everything you like on vinyl then your in trouble.  I think most just buy their fav bands stuff + their fav albums by other bands...but seeing some collections of people I think I am wrong.

This is what happens when you’ve been buying vinyl for 25 years: https://discogs.page.link/NxW5

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Posted (edited)

Just got my copy of The Wolf in today and, I gotta say, it sounds better than I was expecting! There seems to be a ceiling to the quality of his vinyl presses, but this one is up there as one of the better pressings he has.


It's not great, there's even some inner groove distortion, but compared to other vinyl pressings of his records (like the really bad Close Calls With Brick Walls press), it's a solid "pretty good".

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50 minutes ago, AndrewNstuff said:

Anyone get their copy of the wolf in and the hole in the vinyl is too small and get their record stuck? Trying to figure out how to fix this...

This has happened on a handful of records. I usually just stick an exacto knife in there a few times and twist. it doesn't really mess up the center label and you barely have to do it. We're talking like micrometers make a difference.

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