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[PO] SPICE : VIV - Out 05.22

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Red/Blue/White Splatter Vinyl LP | 200 edition

Orange/Mint Split Vinyl LP | 300 edition (Store Exclusive)

Neon Yellow Vinyl LP | 300 edition

Pink Vinyl LP | 400 edition

Clear Sea Vinyl LP | 500 edition

Clear Vinyl LP | 600 edition

Black Vinyl LP

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12 hours ago, roadmonkey said:

Orange/Mint Split Vinyl LP | 300 edition (Store Exclusive) 

Is this the band's store exclusive?? Dais doesn't offer it on their dropdown.


Also hilarious that Rough Trade is calling the Neon Yellow a Rough Trade Exclusive:

I think “store exclusive” may mean indie store.  Would make sense that rough trade has it available but Dais doesn’t. The whole neon as a “rough trade exclusive” may be a mistake though considering it was up on the Dais site as well. 

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Dais not Dias ha
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Popmarket has the pink variant up for pre-order, with "THANKS10" code 10% off and free shipping. Obviously not 100% that it would come through but for 23 bucks and change ppd it worth the try, at least for me, and they are (deepdiscount, ccmusic, importcds, etc) pretty good with preorders.




also the record is pretty cool!

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Yeah, I should’ve specified “repress” and not restock or back in stock.  Bandcamp quantities are already dwindling but I know Dais has an allotment too – they tend to be a couple of bucks more expensive for me, and I enjoy the convenience of bandcamp downloads, but I’d hop on either link sooner than later for anyone who wants a specific variant.

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