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In 2003, Travis Barker famously walked into the studio and told his bandmates, “Don't think of this as the next blink-182 record — think of it as the first blink-182 record.” The pop-punk gods were already four albums deep and had created an indelible sound and attitude that cemented their role as music’s brilliant, subversive court jesters. For their untitled fifth album, however — the fourth Interscope Vinyl Collective release — the group exponentially matured both lyrically and musically.

On their most ambitious album of their career (and the one the band called “the album [they’re] most proud of”), the group expands their pop-punk pedigree with a darker, more forward-thinking mix of post-punk, New Wave, post-hardcore and electronic. The band eschewed crude humor in favor of more introspective lyrics and sonic experimentation, while still retaining the driving, ferocious rock that made them superstars. A critically acclaimed hit upon its release, this special edition double LP includes an embossed white on white album cover, gatefold jacket, white on white album sleeves, an original album cover lithograph insert, and for the first time, clear vinyl with a smiley etching on side D. This is growing up.

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1 minute ago, N8TRU said:

I only own Enema on vinyl and this is probably the only other Blink record I want to buy. I've held off for a long time so this might be the perfect time.


I don't own this album, but I own quite a few. I'll stay on board for this one. It's not worth $50, but all the new LPs I've bought for $38 shipped (Green Day, Menzingers, etc.) aren't worth that either, so whatever.

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13 minutes ago, tokimedo said:

i believe they are just printing labels. says it doesnt ship until feb 12. 

In prior months they've printed before they ship, but they have all arrived relatively quickly. So far, all have arrived in great shape too. It's really impacting my disdain for FedEx delivery of records.

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17 hours ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

Ftr, this release was nicely done. I still do not feel it's worth the cost, necessarily, but I also still haven't cancelled. I think the intrigue keeps me curious. Also, I know Figure 8 will be one of the releases and I do not own a *good* copy of that, so I'm hopefully optimistic.

What's the sound quality like?

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