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  1. It says in their post that the box will be shown at a later date....
  2. My fav day of the year is when I can skip RSD. List is trash;
  3. This. Really want that self titled album.
  4. Price is too steep for me. I'll wait it out and get it cheaper down the road. Would like to try for the gold one. But odds are way to low.
  5. Another RSD avoided. Huzzah!
  6. A store I frequent was new to RSD and held the RSD Deja for me. Man some people were irate. Where is this list? Wasnt on page one and dont wanna go through 17 pages looking.
  7. That's true. But this one just seems over the top. But I guess this movie does have a shit ton of stuff going on.
  8. I cant even remember the last mondo record I bought, but they have been killing it lately with the posters, that arrival one is awesome.
  9. If anyone ended up with that Big trouble in little china poster and ends up not wanting it, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. If we can't down vote, than whats this all been about.
  11. On point. Plus Angel Duster is prob their best song.