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  1. I liked one track on Dogs a lot, and Neighborhoods grew on me, but overall i agree, how these tracks didnt make the original is very strange.
  2. And another one; I for one am enjoying these new tracks more then the original ones for the most part.
  3. It would drive me nuts to have a 4XLP set and one of them be black, feels so out of place.... either way 75$ is a little to much considering the CAD dollar is worse than my self esteem. You forgot; "Parker" Black
  4. Tug, my man, you listen to the used. A band that hasn't been relevant since 2005. That made 2 OKAY albums that are mainly listened too for nostalgic purposes. Bashing other people's tastes from you is just irony.
  5. Graveface ended up panning out! Thanks for your help!
  6. Ugh I messaged graveface but I think my chances of getting it are dialing down to 0.
  7. If anyone see's The Drak Crystal OST please let me know, having no luck.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eddy-Grant-Electric-Avenue-7-Vinyl-Record-1983-/322484558334?hash=item4b1593d9fe:g:dtEAAOSw3v5YreSQ Could have saved 33.90
  9. Wow I didn't even know this was a thing. I really want this. Edit; Sucks that it's ETR tho
  10. Agreed. It's pretty egotistical to think your signature is worth 20$ a pop.
  11. little less then 300 left.
  12. Yeah I mean 5$ is whatever. But 20$ is pretty pricy.