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  1. ya youre right he is prob better off buying right now when its the most popular.
  2. Well, see you folks in another year or so!
  3. Just bide your time and you'll get it for a decent price .
  4. Yeah just go to your local record store and buy some. Usually you can get a dozen for under 5$. The "hazy" sleeves really aren't that hazy. It's not noticeable that your care.
  5. Been over a year since i last bumped so why not.
  6. Sigh. Classic SRC.
  7. This is available to stream if anyone is on the fence. I am enjoying it.
  8. Hmm interesting. I imagine it'll be somewhat like his last ep was. No solid number just until they stop selling them. My guess is this will be the only pressing though.
  9. I still need the first 2, cant bring myself to pay the crazy prices though.
  10. All i know is Danger albums on the aftermarket are an arm and a leg, so its a risk to wait.
  11. To Canada it came to 39 euros, which is about 60 CAD because our dollar is trash.
  12. Electro artist Danger is back with his first full length album. Available for pre order now, limited edition silver. http://1789records.bigcartel.com/product/danger-12-double-vinyl-silver-limited-edition The price is pretty outrageous, but I love Danger so i purchased without haste!
  13. Hmmm. Will have to re listen to this, was pretty into it back in the day, but havent heard it in years. Fun Fact: Warped tour 05 or 06 or something these guys had a meet and greet and when me and my gf got to them they just offered us shots and pot lol. funny dudes.