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  1. After listening to this for a few days, its fucking awesome. Exactly what i wanted to hear from brand new in 2017. A little bummed that sealed to me didnt make the cut, as it fits well with this album. So far the ones im listening to the most are desert, same logic and 137.
  2. I met anti flag at west 49 back in like 06 or something. They were meeting staff for some reason. One of the guitarists sister and her husband were murdered in boston during the meet and the entire band suddenly left. Sad scene. Also i remember when the terror state was the "poppy" album that everyone hated. Havent listened to these guys since the bright lights. So there is what i have to contribute.
  3. If the only benefit to the very limited is the cd, that is hilarious.
  4. I really like "I am a Nightmare" I dont get the hate with that song. Mene was meh.
  5. Site is back up and running with the album for sale. "Standard Vinyl" http://procrastinatemusictraitors.limitedrun.com/releases?view=f19048
  6. Soundcloud link doesnt have anything there? Streaming it on youtube, but would like a DL :/
  7. That would suck. But id sell it to someone who likes the album and play one of my other 3 copies of the devil and god and things would be ok.
  8. Why the seafoam cost me less then this record would. This thing is fucking 90 CAD. But either way if it is out of 5000 ill just bide my time.
  9. Its also a great feeling not posting in threads you dont care about. Give it a try.