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  1. PO NOW: Danger - 太鼓

    Looks like 09/14/ 2007 is sold out. I imagine 09/16/ 2007 will follow shortly.
  2. PO NOW: Danger - 太鼓

    Just recieved the first 2 today. Pretty excited to finally after like 8 years have the entire collection. Quality seems pretty inline with the original releases. All 1789 stuff now instead of ekleroshock.
  3. Not really into vinyl toys, so could never justify the price, but that batman is really nice looking.
  4. Yeah idk. Was a really unique sound they had. DTGL just sounded like it was trying to have that norma jean sound , lost their identity to me. But whatever. To each their own. Glad people are stoked.
  5. This made me excited, then i remembered i havent liked an underoath album since 2004. Hopefully this is back to that sound.
  6. PO NOW: Danger - 太鼓

    Came here to post this, pretty excited to own the first 2 finally!
  7. That will be one of the most un-listened to records that i buy without hesitation.
  8. PO: Dave Chappelle Live 4xLP

    Yeah i haven't had a single person say the last 2 were better until this. Oh well.
  9. PO: Dave Chappelle Live 4xLP

    Well I disagree. I thought the newest 2 were weaker. The one in the small club was solid. But the first was average.
  10. PO: Dave Chappelle Live 4xLP

    Oh kess, are you ever right? These were brilliant.
  11. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    3 -6 is not bad, 4 - 6 is pretty shit. good luck folks
  12. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    I never thought Id see the day Id cheer for the pats, but the eagles fans were pretty disgusting against vikings fans. Im a vikings fan, but come on, its a damn game. Either way, Im in.
  13. The STAR WARS Thread

    Saw this last night. Average at best. Rays arc with Luke and kylo was pretty good, everything with the resistance was pretty bad. Really cheesy too, all the stuff with that general was cringy. And finn/rose arc was pretty god awful. Overall i got about what i expected out of it. Enjoyable enough, bad pacing, too long.
  14. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    White vinyl is the worst vinyl #BlackVinylMatters
  15. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Jesse about a 12 year old, probably...