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  1. Cleaning Your Records

    Some or most of that dust might come from the air/environment after you static charge your record during wiping. That happens to me and I now use a Zerostat gun to remove static and a small handheld keyboard blower to blow off hair/dust that static pulled on to the record. If what you are seeing is lint or fibers from your microfiber clothes, I'd suggest trial and error testing with multiple brands of cloths until you find one that works best for you.
  2. This might be my favorite Mount Eerie record. The slight uptick in energy on here lets the music carry some of the weight that A Crow's lyrics shouldered on their own. Track 3 is so so good.
  3. Thanks, dude! Added a few records/things I missed when doing fun data entry, including a copy of that new Ozma - Rock and Roll 3 reissue, a Richard Edwards promo poster, and a Joyful Noise White Label 12".
  4. That BandCamp estimated shipping field is auto-populated based on what the seller puts as their "shipping/handling turnaround" time. You'll know your order actually shipped when you receive a separate email with a tracking number. And FYI my order took 10 days between when I got the email and when the post office actually received the package, so waiting is the through line with this entire thing.
  5. Added 60+ CDs and a handful of 7" records since the last bump. Most updated list is in the first post.
  6. Really dig it too. Happy as a camper so far into this AIR.
  7. Bucketh{r}ead

    Yeah, it's crazy. I'm not a huge or knowledgeable BH/DC fan but I'm aware of the universe and cult-like mystery attached to both and I remember when both my little brothers would go to the record store and buy Buckethead CDs and DVDs as kids. No name yet but I imagine it will be something ridiculous.
  8. Bucketh{r}ead

    Any Deli Creeps/Maximum Bob fans? I found out a few weeks ago that my baby teenage brother is the new guitarist in Maximum Bob's new band. He is a giant Buckethead/DC fan (and he is my little brother) so it was pretty neat/awesome to hear the news. Bob's posted some pics on his Instagram and Facebook so I figure it's somewhat public that they're rehearsing DC classics and writing new stuff.
  9. Magnolia Record Club is putting out an orange color version of this for their monthly club. http://www.magnoliarecord.club For those interested, there's an email list popup on the home page that gives you a 15% off code that drops the price to like $22.
  10. There's a connecting thread to them all but they vary quite a bit, IMO. Some are very atmospheric and abstract and others have more conventional, easier-to-make-out song structures. Sometimes it's acoustic, sometimes it's plugged-in but sparse folk, sometimes it shreds and there are giant walls of distorted crashing drums, sometimes its 3 minutes of fog with bells off in the distance. Don't let one record or stretch of songs that don't resonate with you turn you off to Mt. Eerie/Microphones entirely.
  11. Baron Von Tito Teal > Red/Green
  12. Black Numbers is dope. Grab any shirts/mugs/water bottles with the record eating goblin on them before it's too late.
  13. Mad props to @no use for a username for unlocking the first (of many I hope) original bonus graffiti jacket art pieces with his order today. I threw in a "I've been a good boy" coin and two mystery ??? download codes. What will they be???
  14. Albums you once wrote off

    Have you already tried the whole Madvillain (and any of the remix albums), Quasimoto, Madlib, MF Doom, etc. oeuvre yet? Or the older Tribe Called Quest or DJ Shadow stuff? I'm not a huge rap/hip hop fan but I can get with all of those artists anytime.
  15. Bump. Added a ton of records, 7"s and other stuff. Take a look and PM me if you're ready to place an order. Thanks!