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  1. Honestly, 2017 as a whole has completed removed my ability to think "I've seen it all" ever again.
  2. Don't worry, there'll be at least another 4 pages of word vomit by dinnertime.
  3. #prayforbladewillisisdead
  4. This is exactly why I shouldn't have even said anything. Fuck me.
  5. ETA stop talking, tape
  6. Everyone has their own line based on the things they like/have held dear to them. IDGAF about Presley, Lewis, Berry or the Stones because I'm pretty neutral on all of them overall. Michael Jackson had some jams, and he was a megaperv for sure but I've always been able to separate art and artist in that particular case for whatever reason. You couldn't pay me to watch a Woody Allen movie. His movies are basically metaphors for his own creepiness; you literally can't separate the art from the artist. As for Polanski, I don't think I've watched any of his movies, though that's mostly coincidence. I'm also not a big movie buff or anything. Point is, everyone comes at art from a different perspective. I have no problem with people who can accept or not accept a given person's transgressions in relation to their art because that's up to them. For me, right now, with Brand New, I absolutely have to take a break from listening to them for a while because this bothers me. Will I feel the same way in a month? A year? 5 years? 10 years? Who knows?
  7. I already canceled mine. it was a pretty soft mouse click, tbh.
  8. That doesn't justify it, in any way.
  9. If you do the math on when the women say it started and ended for them... it wasn't that many years ago. And that's only these two women that we know about. Which is it? Is it ridiculous, or is it fine if it makes you feel better? What in any of the published accounts or statements makes you think he did? It sounds like you're the one quick to assuming that. There's a difference between doing some stupid shit or fucking up a couple of times, and repeatedly abusing your power and status to prey on young women.
  10. Hm, pretty tempted to cancel my PMT order now that I've heard this. I just want no part of it. Even thinking about receiving it makes me feel gross.
  11. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the album and it's a lot better than I expected. granted, I expected it to be really bad. there's some good stuff from a musical/instrumental perspective. "bangers" if you will. a lot of the lyrics feel to me like a step back from the progression in the last couple of albums in the sense that they feel less mature. that part seems a little disappointing to me. I mean, I dunno. I guess her primary market is still teenage girls so maybe I shouldn't expect more, but other young/teen artists have had their music shift and grow as they grew up and I was hoping Taylor would as well, and she just doesn't seem to be doing it. I'll say this though, I thought "Look What You Made Me Do" was absolute garbage when the single got released, and listening to it today it seemed ok. tl;dr more listens will be needed for sure but it's not nearly as bad as I expected
  12. that You Fail Me splatter is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.