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  1. Yes. They don't charge you for shipping until it has actually shipped. If the charge comes back lower then they cancelled one or more of your items.
  2. I got the GB Caveman on my calf over the weekend thanks to my bud Rukus who came out to Philly for one of his stops on the way down to Atlanta.
  3. I'm excited that once it is over they should finally stop playing that awful Pitbull / Flo Rida song.
  4. I can ask Erik (the drummer) next time I see him. I doubt he held onto a lot of that stuff, but you never know.
  5. Got this Undertaker themed demon from Davee Blows while he was a guest at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn last night. And this one is an inside joke and my cat Dizzy from several months ago done by Phil DeAngulo at Allied Tattoo in Brooklyn. I need to take a healed photo soon.
  6. From Asian Man Records: SKA SKA SKAIn 1987, I went to San Francisco to see the Toasters from NYC play at a newly opened club called SLIM'S. They were great, but the band who really blew me away were the openers called Let's Go Bowling from Fresno, Ca.. They were just teenagers at the time, but they were unbelievable. A mix between the Specials, the Skatalites, and all the good 2 tone bands of the 80's.It was incredible to fathom that this band from Fresno of all places could produce a band like this. They had everything, the style, the stage presence, the songs and they had a huge following of mods, skinheads, a rude boys and rude girls. I am so very excited to announce that AMR will be releasing for the first time ever the vinyl version of the bands first 2 full length albums "Music to Bowl By" and "Mr. Twist". Please share and order here: http://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/ Music To Bowl By 1st pressing: 550 on random color vinyl Mr. Twist 1st press: 550 on random colored vinyl
  7. Real McKenzies are up.
  8. Preorders up now for the Search 7" and shirts!! https://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Spec=23 Clear Vinyl /280 Blue Vinyl /700
  9. I am not sure how many people on here know or listen to Vision, but this has me in shock. Vision are one of my favorite hardcore bands from the Tri-State area. They make me proud of my NJ roots and a lot of the bands that played with them or followed in their footsteps. If you have never heard In the Blink of An Eye, do yourself a favor and listen. But aside from the music he will leave behind, Dave was one of the nicest, most genuine dudes. Everyone got along with him and he was this straight edge goofball who didn't mind making fun of himself. I will always remember when Vision opened for Sheer Terror and Max Pen and they all had a great time joking and reminiscing about the old days when hardcore wasn't fashionable and he was rocking (and then still rocking) his swatch so he didn't have to paint those X's on his hands every time. At the end of his career there were some hard and heavy sets that didn't miss a step. He would joke how he was old and had to retire (he eventually did at the H2O show in Philly a month or two ago) but Vision would still be the freshest and tightest band in the room rivaling the energy of the young buck bands. RIP Dave. Second NJ legend we lost in 2 months.
  10. These numbers are arbitrary and I know I left off some major albums. I really need more time to revisit everything and will likely come up with a more polished list as I do that. But there are the standouts for me right now: Albums 1) Belvedere - The Revenge of the Fifth 2) Esperanza Spalding ‎– Emily's D+Evolution 3) Russian Circles - Guidance 4) Face to Face - Protection 5) Laura Mvula - The Dreaming Room 6) Explosions in the Sky - The Wilderness 7) The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation 8) Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate 9) True Love - Heaven's Too Good for Us 10) Joe McMajon - Another Life EPs 1) Dead to Me - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles 2) Dag Nasty - Cold Heart / Wanting Nothing 3) toyGuitar - Move Like a Ghost 4) Krimewatch - Demo 2016 5) Descendents - Spazzhazard Biggest Disappointment As much as it hurts to write this I cannot get The Bouncing Souls' Simplicity to click for the life of me. To me is a regurgitated Summer Vacation without its charm. I have spun the album a bunch and have heard most of the songs live to no avail. I thought it was a huge step down from Comet. I know that album gets a lot of hate, but I really enjoyed that one especially after the mess that was Ghosts on the Boardwalk.
  11. They were also out of clear copies of Dissociation. I bought it right before Cult Leader went on. They had indie blue and standard black copies for $30, so that went up in price too. The merch was well picked over too. The only shirts left were either size small or XL.
  12. I have a wedding tomorrow and can't make it. I have two hard tickets in hand. Must pick up in Philly (I live near the Church) before 8AM tomorrow. PM me if interested.
  13. I picked up Tyrannosaurus Hives on Amazon for about $20 a couple months ago.
  14. Calm down. That is the only store that has these RIGHT NOW. The owner of that shop is the tour manager.