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Preorder Soon! The Room OST

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2 minutes ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

Eh, it IS pretty fascinating that The Room got made. Franco is very hit or miss though (especially when in "art" mode) so who knows.

No disputing that, definitely.  I just saw the poster for it yesterday, with the infamous "Oh hi Mark" quote – centered and massive, sprawling obnoxiously down the center – and had a genuinely hard time deciding if I should cringe or roll my eyes first.

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8 hours ago, dantheriver said:

It's A24, gotta be at least OK given their track record.

Seriously. I'm watching Free Fire right now (well it's paused cause I had to do something) and when the A24 logo popped up I was like "Ok, good. I'm probably not wasting my time"

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