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PO NOW: Death - Individual Thought Patterns

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16 hours ago, KaitouG said:


Variant info is up, pre-order links don't work yet...

Looks like the merge /300 and the EU edition are both sold out in the US store. Surprised the box is still available, but not surprised the picture disc is still there.

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51 minutes ago, KnifeStreet said:

Just finally got back online, still no power or water at home, so I missed everything but the EU exclusive, so it cost me $42 for a single copy. Killing me, ugh. 

I feel you mang. Grilling on the patio again.

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52 minutes ago, poweredbytrust said:

no clue, but that variant surely does sound rad! 

Yeah I went to the rough trade site and couldn't see any info, do they usually do a pre order?

Germany seems to have the most reasonable international shipping which is the main reason for my interest in this variant... Don't really feel like paying Relapse's  shipping costs again (which I'm certain they add a little mayo on top of) after ordering the grab bag and Iron Monkey LP in the last month or so...

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