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  1. Damn. Might have to sell the box set and grab those 2 editions instead.
  2. My girlfriend made me a diy that worked great. Don't put too much stock into fancy or expensive names. Its all the same shit. She used jojoba oil, almond oil and a few choice essential oils. I remember her saying it wasn't super cheap but she uses essential oils for other things so those she had around. Im not sure about cocunut oil but im sure its fine. Just trying it on its own to see how you like it first. In a pinch ive put olive oil in my beard so honestly whatever you like will work. I have a balm as well but i bought it at a local market so dont know much about it. Balms are nice because you get a bit of sculpting with it. WITH that all said I have been using Queen Bee from Lush, its not specifically for beards but i think it works amazing, it melts in your hand really well so its a good medium between oil and balm, plus I love the smell, here is the link https://www.lush.ca/en/hair/styling/queen-bee/05939.html Happy bearding!
  3. I really appreciate that man. Even all the well wishes have been awesome.
  4. Ya its been pretty horrible. He is in with the doctors now so hopefully we get some answers.
  5. Hey guys, So my 6 and a half year old boxer is going through some rough times. He has been in and out of vets for almost 2 weeks and we are still not sure whats wrong. The vet bills are staking upwards of 8-10 thousand dollars (CAD) and as a student its getting pretty difficult. All that said we have started a GoFundMe page and are looking for all the help we can get: https://www.gofundme.com/6teso68 Flynn is my best friend and I am trying my best to get him the treatment he needs. Thanks you all for whatever support you can offer, we appreciate anything. Thanks
  6. I finally got around to listening to the new GUNSHIP and my god that album is absolutely incredible. I didn't think they would top their last release but i think they did.
  7. Ya that pretty lame but I like his art better in both cases and that's all I really care about
  8. Thanks. Annihilation says "late afternoon" so that's vague lol.
  9. Anyone know when mondo posters go on sale. Been a while since I've bought one.
  10. Anyone kmow whats going on with God of War? Mid June has come and gone.
  11. That's fair. I played like 150 hours on fo4. So clearly I like it enough. But 3 and NV are far superior.