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  1. Does anyone know if there is a difference in the pressings? I have the original press and the Mondo press, but Ive heard that the RSD press sounds excellent, can anyone verify any of this? Id like to get the best sounding press available.
  2. I wish the bled would just make a come back album. Heat Fetish is highly underrated imo. Its no PTF or FITF, but I do enjoy it more then silent treatment. I have all their releases, so don't really need the repress, unless they do something fancy.
  3. You know it lol : https://www.iam8bit.com/products/bugsnax-7
  4. Chappelle is pretty out of touch imo. He is a fantastic comedian but to make speeches like this while also supporting people like Kamala Harris is not it for me. But aside from peoples thoughts on the content, who cares if people want it. I literally have a 7 inch for fucking bug snacks lol.
  5. Mine showed up from Juno today in Canada. Packaging is nice, only had time to spin the first track but its sounding great! Excited to dive into it.
  6. For once I was early enough that the copies are in stock... and its a Euro only distro
  7. I wish this didnt cost 21$ to ship to Canada...
  8. This is worth is for the bled and poison the well alone... but I live in Canada and its a pandemic. Sad
  9. TOCS is the better album in my opinion. DTGL sounded like generic hardcore at the time. You are free to feel differently. Also redeemer is Norma Jeans debatable best album, so, don't agree with that. I've never heard any complaints about the 2012 press. But mine sounds great. Again, you are welcome to think whatever you want about it. No I have not listened to the new press. I was responding to this thread where a discussion on it was happening. If it sounds awesome, great.

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