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  1. is this worth it? I have "Love Me Dead" on the 2008 RSD Choice Cuts comp and to be honest that's the only song I remember from this album.
  2. if your upset about the cost of the color vinyl I have the perfect solution. Sell me your alt-cover print for $10 and your looking at a $29.99 limited color remastered copy of Walk Among Us! Can't beat that price.
  3. thank you for posting... so glad I was able to get both and contribute to Translifeline at the same time... never thought anyone would care to repress these in America!
  4. I have come here for some financial advice... see... I contribute 9% into my deferred comp. Because I will have a pension this is to hopefully send one of my two boys to college. I am currently invested into the low risk generic option because I just want the money I saved but I'm barely seeing a 5% profit. Can you suggest a mutual fund with a better return and also do you think the purple pressing of the Marshal Mathers LP is a good choice or should I just try to pick up a previous pressing? Thanks
  5. When I’m digging at yard sales, flea markets and such I barely check conditions... I’ve dug lots of rare stuff in poor condition. But when it comes to a grail my cut off is VG if it’s a great price or if I can’t afford a VG+. but... I’ve paid $20 just for a cover
  6. @sillybarry mostly records sometimes selling and my life https://www.instagram.com/sillybarry/
  7. no warp on my light In The Attic pressing.... its been stuck on my turntable for the past week and all discs are flat
  8. received today... opened... SPOILER! same as reported before (altho some on reddit claim to receive some but not all of the inserts) 2x 180 gm LPs (disc one was closer to 200gm), paper outer sleeve 2x cardboard sleeves one with print on the inside as well, band poster, art poster, zine, pogolith, can add, flower pack, and slip mat. Wish the flower pack was sealed because it found its way to my vinyl... cleaned and seems fine but still. MATRIX: Side 1: PMT.009.1.A S-100948 SAFF Side 2: PMT.009.1.B S-100949 SAFF Side 3: PMT.009.1.C S-100950 SAFF Side 4: PMT.009.1.D S-100951 SAFF The quality is great. Nothing out of the ordinary. Only played thru once. took my time appreciating the parts (minus the on-line "manual"). I love the idea that there is more to it... something to be found in the images and something more to the back cover writing but I don't think its needed. I am completely satisfied with the package and looking forward to infusing psilocybin with listening to and enjoying the included visuals. I'm in the minority that would rather have this unique packaged release than another color variant.
  9. SPOILER: new pics from Reddit: https://imgur.com/a/5wJR5