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    seku reacted to PigeonsPlayingWhatNow in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    Death represses up at relapse 
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    seku reacted to se7enstitches in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    Dont know about you guys but I prefer older Intronaut material and am very excited about this press of Challenger by Intronaut. Translation Loss is such a kickass label plus their vinyl always looks great
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    seku reacted to dawhizz in PO SOON ? : Deftones - White Pony - 20th anniversary edition   
    In case any fans missed it, some real gems in the oral history of the album:
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    seku reacted to bubb4 in PO NOW: ELDER - OMENS (out: 04/24/2020)   
    I couldn't find a variant that matched my couch. I'm jealous. 
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    seku reacted to VinylSteals in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    Keith Richards 'Talk is Cheap' $6.59
    Sort Amazon vinyl from $7-$10 and it looks like there's a ton of decent stuff that's just been discounted. Game of Thrones OST $7. Circa Waves - What's it Like over there $7. AFI - The Missing Man $7. BB King - Blues in my heart $9.
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    seku reacted to omik11303 in Post-VC: Official Post-Rock/Post-Metal Discussion v.2.0   
    Found some good, groovy post-metal. Doesn't hit you over the head with riffs, but it was interesting enough to keep me listening. Like a heavier L'Effondras.
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    seku reacted to Gumbo72203 in Post-VC: Official Post-Rock/Post-Metal Discussion v.2.0   
    He's like, the most gentle person you could ever imagine.  A total sweetheart. 

    Meanwhile, this bad boy turns 22 today.
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    seku reacted to Derek™ in PO: Mrs. Piss - Self Surgery   
    Well, that, and also for taking bathroom mirror selfies when mom's not home.
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    seku reacted to daegor in PO Now: JUNIUS - Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light   
    Bands/labels never loose money from flippers, quite the opposite.
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    seku reacted to VinylSteals in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    Hey I made a simple tool to filter Amazon vinyl records by price. If you enter $10 - $12 you can find some cool stuff. 
    https://budgetvinyl.000webhostapp.com/ no longer working
    https://wp.me/p82fcI-2V filter in some categories here
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    seku reacted to Oblivions in Fuckin' USPS' Network Distribution Centers: the thread.   
    I would live your best life, call eBay on the phone when you have time, and just relay that you believe the feedback is unwarranted and why. If you have extra time and they tell you “no”, hang up and call back a few times until you find someone who gets your situation. In the end, if they still won’t remove it, I’d just offer a good riddance to the whole thing and enjoy seeing the negative feedback fade from the 1 month column to the 6 month column and then, eventually, out of view. eBay and Discogs buyers can drive you wild if you try and meet them in their arena of dumbness. Build up that zen brain for when you get an especially zany one. ✌🏽
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    seku reacted to lostcrimes in PO NOW! CREED GREATEST HITS (WALMART EXCLUSIVE)   
    Looks like my local Walmart got some copies ahead of release date 

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    seku reacted to Fowty Dollaz in PO Now: Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (Out on August 9th)   
    You're mostly right, but I should clarify. I still appreciate and enjoy ALL the music I grew up listening to. KoRn is one of the best live bands I've ever seen. I adore metal (and really all forms of rock). I didn't exactly grow out of it in the sense that "I'm better than that," if anything I'm worse because I do still listen to punk a lot. Punk is, usually, much less complex. Metal's just not something I listen to frequently. I own Slipknot s/t, but no KoRn records. I would still LOVE to see Slipknot, Rob Zombie, etc live. I've seen KoRn, Manson, Cradle of Filth, Cold, and some others once (would again). I still have tickets to see Deftones in August (if that still happens).
    TL;DR- I didn't "mature" out if it, but I don't listen frequently and still appreciate it. I mean, I still know and can keep up with Corey on the intro to Spit It Out.
    Post Script- I also became more and more depressed as I got older (and life happened all around me) so I find solace in depressed singer songwriter types. Recently discovered Greet Death, kinda fun doom fuzz band from Wisconsin. They're metal, but also satisfy my need to equate music to my mood.
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    seku reacted to verb1999 in PO Now: Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (Out on August 9th)   
    I knew you were from the U.S. when I read this.  Can people outside of the U.S. confirm the idea that you don't really grow out of being a metal head?  I'm from the United States and feel kind of sad that most of my friends who I listened to such bands as Korn and Slipknot with growing up also grew up and grew out of loud music.  Fuck that, 40 years old and metal head till I die.  Bring it on.  Yeah Slipknot isn't remaking Iowa over and over, but for a band who have become mainstream, their last few albums are bad ass.  Personally, I've only expanded my loud music tastes, new bands, old bands, bands that were big when I was in high school 20 years ago, I'll take it all and still tear up the pit at a show.  But I hear over seas you don't see that as much, this idea of growing out of it.  If you grew up listening to metal, you always will.
    And guy I quoted, maybe you just meant Korn and Slipknot or "nu metal" specifically and still like metal, I'm just guessing, here.  Probably making an idiot out of myself that's why I don't post often but I'm quarantined and drinking I figure why not conversate, right?  No hate, it's all love.  I'm buzzed, but not on Slipknot whiskey.
    Come on.  Unsainted and All Out Life (thought technically not a We Are Not Your Kind track) are two of the most fun energetic Slipknot tracks to date.  There were some weak "singing" points of the album I'm willing to admit.  But overall for a radio band, it's heavy and they did a good job.
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    seku reacted to webdoggy in PO Now: Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (Out on August 9th)   
    100 bucks for the album? Was interested up to that point. 
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    seku got a reaction from The Vool in [PO] Between the Buried & Me - S/T (Remastered Reissue)   
    Looks like limited to 500 to me
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    seku reacted to The Vool in PO NOW : Old Man Gloom - Light Of Meaning (Seminar VIII) and Darkness of Being (Seminar IX)   
    1) yeah, I hate it when labels have different prices only due to the vinyl color
    2) would have loved a 2xLP...
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    seku reacted to isavedlatin54 in AWW POOP, I started a label   
    So I have a podcast that I wanted to more with so I started a cassette label with my best friend. 
    my podcast is called Vinyl Reckoning and can be found anywhere
    the label is called VRP Records and we release whatever we want. We split profits 50/50 with our bands. 
    our first release is by a band called Minuano from Austin TX.  (bandcamp link)
    our store link is (RIGHT HERE)
    you can also follow us on instagram @vinyl_reckoning
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    seku reacted to bgdesign in Metallica Me, Please   
    They added "All four records are" to that line. It wasn't there earlier.
    Yea, that is excessive for 4 45s.
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    seku reacted to lostcrimes in Green Day- Dookie ("dookie" colored vinyl)   
    Here ya go. It's more of an amber/orangeish. 
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    seku reacted to whoa in Spice Girls - Spice World & Greatest Hits   
    I am fully here for the Spice Girls vinyl and absolutely chuffed to be able to have this slice from my childhood in my collection, and I'll remember back to the days I would hide my Spice Girls cassettes inside Oasis and Blur cases so no one would know about my amazing tastes in music!
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    seku reacted to fish in PO: TYPE OF NEGATIVE - DEAD AGAIN reissue   
    World Coming Down coming for anyone who didn't want the box:
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    seku reacted to Barelz in Converting Vegetarians - infected mushroom   
    Pre order
    Long -awaited Reissue Of Their Classic Album from 2003.
    2xLP Limited Edition of 500, Blue Colored Vinyl Double Gatefold Sleeve with High Gloss Finish Printed Inner Sleeves .
    Sleeve designed by Doron Edot.
    All Orders will be shipped not later than February 1th