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The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

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Since the Amazon thread constantly gets posted with non-Amazon deals, perhaps it is time that a catch all non-Amazon vinyl deals thread gets made. I assume a lot of the people that visit the Amazon thread do it so they can take advantage of Prime, and seeing posts unrelated to it can be annoying I guess.


I don't really have any deals to post right now, but here are just some general cheap pages that can sometimes have good deals:


Go Hastings



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If i worked in the warehouse and saw that someone ordered 5 copies, I'd give him the 5 worst copies too.

I bought a $25 record for myself (which was also in shit shape), not MBV. After selling fees, I didn't intend (or expect) to make more than that. And I don't feel bad for that.   On a board full of

Did you not see the website name?     The shark has sunglasses...that means the deals are real.

Not that this isn't common knowledge, but I've gotten a lot of great deals buying directly from the record label of several of my favorite bands.

In particular, Bridge9 and Fat Wreck Chords keep their prices very low, and have great customer service.

Second that. Epitaph/ kings road merch has plenty of records for 10-15. Ccmusic (if I order more than 3 due to shipping/packaging) the deals beat my local record store.
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So this is just two records thrown into a box?

No, I think the High On Fire & Pelican $10 deals include proper sleeve. The Weedeater, YOB, etc that have a plastic bag pic appear to be ones without a sleeve.

I'm too lazy to check at the moment but in another thread I believe other people who received their High On Fire were indicating that it was a complete package.

Edit: I'm a little less lazy now and checked. Somebody did get their clear version of HoF & commented about receiving it in a gatefold.

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Fyi, Hastings generally posts the same prices on eBay. Not sure if shipping is cheaper, selection is better, or if coupon codes make it better shopping directly from them as opposed to eBay, though.


They do it on Amazon's marketplace too.  Their shipping on the Gohastings site is usually a less though.

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They do it on Amazon's marketplace too.  Their shipping on the Gohastings site is usually a less though.


Can we keep the Amazon talk out of this thread? It's so annoying when it gets bumped all the time with non-non-Amazon deals. There is a thread for those.

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Picked over but $5 and up sale over at UO.  Don't get your hopes up, Stooges and Damon Albarn are already sold out.  Only thing that piqued my interest was My Bloody Valentine's MBV for $15 shipped.


UO Record Sale

MBV for $10, Bill Callahan for $5, good stuff. Not sure if I wanna deal with their shipping though. I wonder if they would honor the Albarn and Stooges deals in stores.

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