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  1. It's pretty wild, right? It's just a 7" reissue, so I'm not too worried. Worst case, I'm out like $10. NBD.
  2. *Just so we're clear I am a huge supporter of USPS and I am not bitching about this. If you feel I am bitching, please take your frustration out elsewhere.* This one has been fun to watch. For reference, I live in Connecticut. It's done more traveling than I could hope for in a year, and it still has a ways to go.
  3. BUMPdate: Still have a raging desire for 1st press colored FAT releases (did get O!C! in great shape). Still need Buttsweat on grey, purple, and black. Still looking for a 1st press Slapstick comp and Slapstick LOOKIT! cs and some 7"s. Need Unicornography on orange, fer sure. Always interested in tests, but I'm a school teacher, so I'm not exactly holding out hope for that to transpire, but MAYBE.
  4. While I agree, I think with so many copies out there already, only us real nerds feel it's a necessary buy. 🤓
  5. You could've posted this 5 years ago and it still would've made sense.
  6. Same (a couple of days ago). Just listening, and I REALLY hope she does more work like this. The string accompaniment is perfect for her voice and lyrics. I dig the original versions, but I feel these are far superior.
  7. So, not the best packaging job, but w/e. Minor cover wear. The record sounds like rice crispies at times, but overall, it's still listenable. First press was better.
  8. Damn. I figured it'd sit for a day or so, but I'm done variant chasing regardless.
  9. Bump because I might have a blue Oh! Calcutta! in my grimy paws today and I'm still a-hunting.
  10. Yep. AND Newbury licensed it on a purple too ( /1000) I thought blue was /500, but I've been wrong once or twice
  11. I think things are starting to get better/ get moving. I have 7 packages coming today. Several are from mid to late December. All but one are vinyl.
  12. I was informed via email, that since they oversold I'd be getting a second pressing in Feb or March (?). Then they just went ahead and mailed me a copy a few days later. It should be here today.
  13. Yeah it's a pretty weird thing to have so many songs and most of them already available.

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