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  1. I got the first, of many, variants today. The "Ghostly" variant.
  2. I understand this logic but Bleed American has been continually repressed and there must have been others. Plus I seem to keep hearing the tale that the band are notorious about keeping their discography limited. I don't know if the latter is true.
  3. I have no clue. But it is quite annoying. I tried to get all of the AFI variants but missed a few.
  4. AFI's "Bodies" that was also put out by Rise had like 15 variants as well
  5. I like how it says that this album will actually have an Mylar space bag as an outer wrap. haha
  6. How do I get the Spotify variant? I don't see it anywhere and I am looking on the PC site?
  7. I didn't see this posted nor did I see if there was a catch-all thread for Rollin Records releases. But they are releasing AFI's major label debut "Sing The Sorrow" bootleg today at 12PST. It will be on red vinyl. The cost is $39.99. Kind of steep especially since I have been reading iffy things about their sound quality. They look to be capitalising on the new AFI album "Bodies" dropping today. https://rollinrecs.com/
  8. Where is a good shop to order the UK indie exclusive? I can't find a store?
  9. Square Cat Vinyl is running a winter sale this weekend and you can get 15% off using the code "WINTER" in their webstore. I was able to save about $13 on this Elms set and get it for $80.65.
  10. I got my die-cut splatter and it is a very nice presentation but I went back and checked for a DL code and there is none. Which is really annoying because all of the past albums the DL codes were available on your invoice on the site when you paid. Now they are selling the code for $9. I just don't understand because AFI gave a code for Twisted Tongues/Escape From LA when you bought the 7" soooo? (And I know I am in the minority but I would have really liked a CD of this album (many other fans wanted it too).
  11. I would say it's good you played the original years ago so you could experience the ambiance and mood when it first came out. So, I would say definitely pick up the I + II collection to help get into the saga. The sequel is a very fun game and refines the Shenmue experience. And Sega did a great job porting the collection over with the game save carryover from Shenmue to Shenmue 2 intact. North American Shenmue fans were denied that functionality because the idiot Peter Moore made a deal for Shenmue II to appear exclusively on the Xbox in the US. Plus the collection is usually pretty cheap. Bo
  12. Brandon Boyd's debut solo album "The Wild Trapeze" is getting the vinyl treatment for the first time for its 10-year Anniversary through Qrates. This album is being pressed on "heavy black vinyl" and was initially limited to 500 copies but due to overwhelming sales, they added more to the shop so I guess this will now be /1000. The album is available for $20 with $6 shipping. https://qrates.com/projects/21301-the-wild-trapeze

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