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  1. Kris Roe/The Ataris - put up some new demos and rarities for today only. Name your price. https://theataris.bandcamp.com/music
  2. The above tapes are from a collecting period from earlier last year and before (plus a few recents). So, it's been a while since my last post. Included above are: Underworld - Movie OST - Thailand Mortal Kombat - Movie OST - USA Mortal Kombat - Excerpts From the OST (Best Buy Exclusive) - USA Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Sequel Movie OST - South Korea (Sealed) Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - Excerpts From the OST - USA The X-Files: Fight The Future - Movie Score - Thailand The Offspring - Greatest Hits - Malaysia (Sealed) The OC Supertones - Chase The Sun - USA The OC Supertones - Loud And Clear - USA Slide Coaster - Thrown - USA (Justin Pierre's first band) Alien Ant Farm/Weezer - ANThology/Blue Album Sampler - Germany Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Poland Incubus - Morning View - China (special edition w/Slipcover) Incubus - a crow left of the murder... - Poland The Killers - Hot Fuss - Indonesia Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers - Thailand The Ataris - So Long, Astoria - Indonesia (Signed by Kris) Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - The Dust of Retreat - USA Jimmy Eat World - The Middle (Single) - UK The Wallflowers - Rebel Sweetheart - Indonesia Finch - Apologetic Theory - Indonesian Boot
  3. I think this would be a pretty good show. I actually really like Alien Ant Farm and they put on a great show, if you can get past the goofy name they have great music.
  4. Close To The Sun - Limited Collector's Edition: Includes: -A physical copy of Close to the Sun on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch -Stunning Art Deco FuturePAK metal game case compatible with your chosen format -Deluxe hardback artbook featuring 48 pages of awe-inspiring Close to the Sun game art -Exclusive Close to the Sun, Faraday Key-Card metal pin badge -7” vinyl record featuring the Close to the Sun’s mesmerising titular track by Porcelain Pill -Ada’s heartfelt letter to her sister Rose, summoning her aboard the Helios -Numbered and stylised certificate of authenticity -Premium finish fitted presentation box -A bonus digital copy of Close to the Sun for the Epic Games Store so fans can enjoy the game in its original format About $121 shipped to the US. https://www.wiredproductions.com/collections/pre-order-now/products/close-to-the-sun-collectors-edition?variant=29629451501681
  5. A Thousand Lights Debut Album Speak The Truth fans, this is Daniel Wonacott (Finch) and I've got a new record coming out NOV 1. You're receiving this email because you purchased my last record with Speak The Truth and I'd love for to check out my new solo project A Thousand Lights. You can pre-order the new album "Love Songs For The Lonely" on beautiful 180 Gram Audiofile Vinyl now! https://shop.bandwear.com/collections/a-thousand-lights-shop Every pre-order includes an instant download of the first single "Love Song For The Lonely" So you can check out the single early! Thank you for your love and support over the years with Speak The Truth, Finch and Senses Fail. It means the world to independent artists and your pre-orders make a huge impact on what we do. I can't wait to share this new record with you. You can follow me on socials @athousandlightsrock ------------------------------- Pretty expensive album at $30.
  6. I saw these guys open for Sugarcult on their Lights Out tour and the Pink Spiders were backing this album. Good show all around, Meg & Dia, Pink Spiders and Sugarcult. Seems like a missed opportunity to press it on "pink" vinyl.
  7. Kris just posted Hang Your Head in Hope https://theataris.bandcamp.com/album/hang-your-head-in-hope Of course I just ordered the Astoria demos album like an hour ago. I may wait on this one.
  8. Yeah, I thought so. I remembered liking it when I played before. It's just with this Pre-Sequel it just took me so long to get my bearings on that moon or whatever. I was trying to go in story order so I played the Pre-Sequel first on the collection which I guess doesn't matter because I have skipped the PS4 Borderlands 1 so far.
  9. I have been playing Toe Jam & Earl: Back In The Groove for the PS4. I bought both the PS4 and Switch versions from Limited Run. I am really liking it. I have also pre-ordered the Best Buy variant of the game for Switch as well. I was able to still use Gamer's Club on that release so that's great., got it for basically $30 shipped to store. Before that, I've been playing World War Z for the PS4 and I really like it. I've never been able to play the Left 4 Dead series but I can see where this World War Z game may be like that. The sheer number of zombies that flood the play field is crazy haha. You can just mow-em-down. edit: I also downloaded Borderlands: The Handsome Collection from the PS+ game set last month and I was trying to play through the Pre-Sequel and got extremely bored. Before this, I had only played a little bit of the first Borderlands on PS3. I was hoping to get interested in this set and play these two games (Pre-Sequel and 2) and get the first game later for the PS4 to play through the story in anticipation for 3 but now I don't think I'll do that. If the other two games 1+2 are like the Pre-Sequel I've tried, no thanks, the gameplay is very tedious. Also, why didn't this Handsome Collection contain all 3 games 1+Pre-Sequel+2?
  10. My store may have a few record players left over and (maybe) a Pearl Jam, would you like me to see? My store had the mini record player @ $70 btw.
  11. Did the Twin Peaks release come out? I don't think my store got it and they usually get everything.
  12. I got lucky this year and was able to get the only copy of Justin Courtney Pierre's 4-Track 12" EP that my store got in. I didn't even think to request for my store to get it in, I just thought it was going to be exclusive to Minneapolis stores for some reason. It was the only thing that interested me this year and I am glad I was able to get it.