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  1. Where is a good shop to order the UK indie exclusive? I can't find a store?
  2. Square Cat Vinyl is running a winter sale this weekend and you can get 15% off using the code "WINTER" in their webstore. I was able to save about $13 on this Elms set and get it for $80.65.
  3. I got my die-cut splatter and it is a very nice presentation but I went back and checked for a DL code and there is none. Which is really annoying because all of the past albums the DL codes were available on your invoice on the site when you paid. Now they are selling the code for $9. I just don't understand because AFI gave a code for Twisted Tongues/Escape From LA when you bought the 7" soooo? (And I know I am in the minority but I would have really liked a CD of this album (many other fans wanted it too).
  4. I would say it's good you played the original years ago so you could experience the ambiance and mood when it first came out. So, I would say definitely pick up the I + II collection to help get into the saga. The sequel is a very fun game and refines the Shenmue experience. And Sega did a great job porting the collection over with the game save carryover from Shenmue to Shenmue 2 intact. North American Shenmue fans were denied that functionality because the idiot Peter Moore made a deal for Shenmue II to appear exclusively on the Xbox in the US. Plus the collection is usually pretty cheap. Bo
  5. Brandon Boyd's debut solo album "The Wild Trapeze" is getting the vinyl treatment for the first time for its 10-year Anniversary through Qrates. This album is being pressed on "heavy black vinyl" and was initially limited to 500 copies but due to overwhelming sales, they added more to the shop so I guess this will now be /1000. The album is available for $20 with $6 shipping. https://qrates.com/projects/21301-the-wild-trapeze
  6. Motion City Soundtrack have put up copies of their latest tour-only 7" that was a VIP Bundle exclusive from their "Don't Call It A Comeback" Tour. The 7" is $20 but has a steep $8 shipping cost, so with tax it is nearly a $30 7". But proceeds are going for a good cause - Save Our Stages. https://www.niicethings.co/motioncitysoundtrack/motion-city-soundtrack-7
  7. I don't understand this release set. Is this just a repressing of the past Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 OST's from Brave Wave? I see Limited Run is partnering with Brave Wave so it must be so. I already have the colored versions of the first press though. I genuinely love these games (the Dreamcast ones).
  8. Early this morning Blaqk Audio released the first 5 tracks - the "Side A" - of their new album Beneath The Black Palms. Tracklist: Side A: 1. Consort 2. Zipper Don't Work 3. 1948 4. A Distant Light 5. Hiss Side B: 6. Burnt Babies Fear the Fire 7. Fish Bite 8. Bird Sister 9. I'm Comin' Over 10. Tired Eyes 11. It's Not Going Well Today they put up a pre-order for the full length. There appears to be 2 variants both /250 tri-color & pink, but the pink is locked behind an expensive bundle. The (signed) pin
  9. I don't think this is what happens. Kris puts a set amount available directly from him on his Bandcamp (which, I assume, he gets more of a monetary cut from) and you can find more copies directly available from Cleopatra Records on eBay. Edit: Cleopatra Records is the company that bought the Kung Fu Records namesake and sells all new Kung Fu releases now.
  10. Got my MMHMM the other day and it is a good looking set. I'm happy with the variant.
  11. Cool, mine has shipped but it looks like it hasn't left Tennessee yet. Excited to get it though. I'm surprised to see there are still copies available a week later.
  12. I pre-orderd Air For Free as well and received the replacement discs and a print out explanation as well I think, and they did not send a jacket but I did ask for a new jacket so I could have both sleeved. I think there was a nominal fee for the jacket. I can't remember though.
  13. I think with Birds of Prey, WB expects sales from the Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn fan base.
  14. I don't think this has been posted before but DC's Birds of Prey has had a Soundtrack Album press. There looks to be a standard vinyl and a picture disc version as well. I just watched this movie and didn't think it was that bad of a movie as so many made it out to be.

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