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  1. That Fat Beats sale is a good invitation to stock up on Waxahatchee and Mount Eerie/Microphones records, if you haven’t already. I almost grabbed the Mount Eerie ‘Ocean Roar/Clear Moon’ LP and the new Preoccupations for $30 shipped but my self control kicked in. I’ve been cutting down on the “here and there” “maybe I should get this?” albums that I used to gobble up because of sales.
  2. Update: finished playing everything in my color set and it was dead silent except for two quick pops on the last side. Good enough for me! I was also lucky to have the outerwear box and all jackets in OK shape. No bends or splits.
  3. Full disclosure: I don't have the best ear for picking up the small differences between a good and an amazing pressing, so, I'd have to pass the question about mastering along to another user who does. I can tell when something sounds really bad (distortion at high volumes, 'flat' with no highs/lows, surface noise on the record itself, etc) but there have been CD sourced pressings of records that people say are unlistenable and I think they sound totally fine, hence my caveat. Not sure where it was pressed. I don't think it mentions it on the jackets and the run out groove I checked only has a digital etching of the Numero catalogue number and some random numbers. No initials or pressing plant abbreviations that I saw.
  4. Half-way through the set and this is the least-warped, least-noisy vinyl I've received in a long time. I'm very happy.
  5. This sounds very rad. Almost grabbed a clear but the $6+ Media Mail pushed me to wait until I find a black copy for under $20 somewhere else. I will be on the lookout.
  6. I may have been unlucky then. I got a record that skipped and I got one “we’ll look into this!” email and then silence for two weeks. I had to open a PayPal dispute before someone from their parent company stepped in and said they’d get SmartPunk to help. I got a 2nd “sorry we’ll look into this!” email within an hour. Two weeks went by and I got a 3rd reply from someone at SmartPunk who said “I’m looking into this! Can you tell me what your issue is and send photos?” I said “I already did. It’s on this email chain below” and I never heard back. A week or so later my PayPal dispute closed due to no response from the parent company and I got my $$$ back but seemed like a needless month of waiting for an actual reply.
  7. The UO near me used to have an entire wall and corner of their space dedicated to vinyl. Now it's a small 5 x 5 cubby/rack on a small platform you pass while taking the stairs from the first floor to the second. Vinyl must not be as cool anymore.
  8. Didn't an article mention they already had a second album in the works or even completed? Am I misremembering this?
  9. Different company but SmartPunk is weak too. The punks just won't deliver.
  10. Oh I’ve seen pics of Sloppy Jane’s sets. Did Bridgers also play in their band? I think she used to be in it?
  11. How have the live shows been? I've never seen Bright Eyes/Oberst live but I've seen Bridgers and I thought her solo material and performance was still a bit too sleepy and on the same level/pace (outside of Emotional Motion Sickness). On the record, this project has added that tiny bit of variation of energy that I feel would make her really fun to see live.
  12. I think the OP got their answer, no? The ensuing discussion (at least my contribution to it) was not intended as a counter argument or rejection of their question. If that happened, I'm sorry!
  13. I've listed my records on there twice, both times for a several month stretch, and never made one sale. I don't have a huge amount of records I'm selling but I usually have a good 60-100 records for sale at any one time which is enough to get consistent sales on every other marketplace. After months of no sales but constantly having to edit my inventory, I gave up both times and unlisted everything. I'm curious whether their user base heavily leans towards certain genres? Indie rock and pop punk/emo did not do well at all, in my experience. The site's look and feel makes it seem like the users would be older and into classic rock but that's an uneducated guess.
  14. Yeah. I get the idea of paying full price and expecting a non-damaged product and I do appreciate people who keep sloppy labels/shops accountable but, in practice, due to the reality of how records are made/distributed and the finite amount of time we get on this Earth, I just can't personally join that crusade for vinyl justice. If I needed perfect sleeves and perfect records (and to vacuum clean each perfect record before playing it for the first time) in order to collect records, I would quit collecting immediately. I barely have time to enjoy my dirty, slightly warped records as it is! That said, when I sell a record, I'm more than happy to make sure it arrives as perfect as possible and field complaints about dings/splits. In 8+ years of selling stuff, I've only ever taken umbrage with one person who didn't email me or ask for a refund or anything but instead left a neutral feedback that said "Record arrived with a small hole in one part of the shrink wrap, wish they had told me this beforehand". It was a hole the size of a penny and it was in the photos. You'll be shocked to learn that the buyer was a vaporwave collector.
  15. I'm being a little facetious but there's something freeing about seam splits and corner bends. I spend a lot of time reading vinyl forums and browsing Discogs and the Great Quest for Vinyl Perfection can seep it's way into my subconscious as I read about people's frustrations with imperfect jackets or sleeves. It's sort of like getting your first ding on a new car; now, you can stop worrying about getting your first ding and continue with your life. "My jacket has a seam split. Phew. Now, I can just enjoy listening to this and not care about being an archivist and collector of mint memorabilia. I AM FREE."