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  1. swb

    PO: Petal - Magic Gone

    Yeah. It seems like they have two different sounds they are playing with. I'm more into the grunge-y pop side than the slower, sparser, more vocally focused side highlighted on the EP and here.
  2. I believe the neon green is the same variant as the yellow. Kind of a "is a tennis ball green or yellow?" kind of situation I think.
  3. swb

    Hey! Reopened my discogs store.

    Pretty sure you have to just unlist everything and then relish when you're back. Or you can add some text to your Shipping Info and each item's description to say "All orders ship on or after 6/27" or whatever you're return date is. Then remove that text when you're back.
  4. swb

    PO: Alex G - Rocket

    Thanks for the heads up, (VC) Alllex M.
  5. Added some more! Giraffes? Giraffes! ‎- Memory Lame VG+ $27 Neon Green /200, Topshelf Annual Subscriber Exclusive Pressing Mouse On The Keys ‎- Out of Body VG $8 Black /200, surface noise flare up at end of last track on Side A Heat Dust - Heat Dust VG $5 Black Surface noise throughout, most noticeable during quieter passages People Like You - Verse VG+ $14 Black /100 See first post for full list of titles.
  6. Added 6-7 LPs and also moved my list off Google docs and into this thread. Hopefully that makes browsing easier.
  7. Some more added! Also, now, if you spend over $40, you can pick any (1) LP under $5 for free. White Stripes, The Elephant VG Royal Headache Royal Headache VG This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Three Way Tie For A Fifth VG Cole Palme and Heavy Friends Trepans Of Yore (2017 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) VG+ Noah Georgeson Osian (2017 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) VG Cole Vargas Cole Vargas (2017 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) VG+ Eamon Fogarty Progressive Bedroom (2017 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) VG Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Deja Vu G+ Don Henley I Can't Stand Still VG Prawn Run G+ Roger Daltrey Parting Should Be Painless VG Roger Daltrey Under a Raging Moon VG Saturday Looks Good to Me Every Night VG Acid Fast Last Night on Earth VG Reverend Douglas Bell & The Stage Cruisers Nuclear Blast VG Rations For Victory VG Bonnie Stillwater The Devil Is People NEW/SEALED Behind Closed Doors Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors EP NEW/SEALED Howard Hello Election Year NEW/SEALED Parlour Self-titled NEW/SEALED Sweet John Bloom Weird Prayers VG+
  8. Added a few more LPs. 764-Hero Weekends of Sound VG Warm Hair, The Dark Side Of My Room (2017 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) VG+ Whitman Dog Rose Gall VG Still have 50+ LPs, 30+ 7"s, 60+ CDs, and a lot of free/bonus items.
  9. I was going in expecting a moody, unsettling artistic movie and I did not like Hereditary very much. It reminded a bit of the Witch, which I loved, but the experience was just not there for me for several reasons. That said, there were like 30 minutes of Hereditary that I loved (the first 15-20 of the movie and the first 10-15 of the climax/ramp up at the end). The rest of it, without giving spoilers, was not giving me the experience I wanted which it seems was the one you got. I'm glad you dug it.
  10. Swiss Army, Places, and the new one are all fun for me to listen to now. The latter/in between records are kind of a drag including big parts of A Mark, IMO.
  11. swb

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    Rest a-My Chemistry was on the Italian pressing.
  12. swb

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    New song sounds like it could have fit on Our Love to Admire. Really dig it.
  13. I've noticed a big increase in prices over the last 2-3 years for all R.E.M. vinyl. I don't know what happened exactly but I would go to Amoeba in Los Angeles and see R.E.M. bootlegs often for $10-20 (and I bought them all) and there were releases in that range on Discogs. Now, the handful of copies that are for sale are being priced very high (and mostly sitting there unpurchased). Not sure how much scarcity of supply, a reduction in selling space, and a general want for R.E.M. bootlegs plays into all of it but I imagine it's a nice mixture.
  14. It's great. Got it with my AMR sub this week.
  15. I can do without sweat marks on the back of LPs I buy online.