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  1. It's been a while! Y'all successfully waited me out on some of these, so you get your wishes! - A ton of used and new/sealed (!) records have been marked down to $10 or less, including Tegan and Sara, Don Giovanni Records, Tiny Engines, Topshelf Records, etc. - I marked down all my Sounds Delicious Kickstarter deluxe LPs! Rare full cover albums in their most rare edition. Note that they have light to medium warps and are VG. Take a look and send me a PM to buy (purchase instructions in first post): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Stuff that is low quantity and/or marked down is more likely to ship from an actual retail location and be trashed. It sucks! A majority of their non-low stock and non-clearance items do come brand new from their warehouse and are often exceptionally packed and double boxed. I'd avoid ordering from UO unless it's a record that is more likely to come from the latter source.
  3. swb


    Target, if you’ll believe it, has gotten into the $100 turntable game and, if you’ll believe it, their model actually has a metal tonearm with an adjustable weight. Might be worth looking into as a slightly better alternative to the Crosley level players. It’s called the Heyday player.
  4. Thanks! I did the math and the last wave of the club ends on the Algernon reissues, so, whether or not this would theoretically be included, the club is RIP by then.
  5. I had a music site around 2003, while in high school, and Up Records sent me a padded mailer of some of their releases on CD, two of which were Weekends of Sound and Contemporary Movement. I didn't quite 'get' Duster until very recently but I've been a big fan of 764-Hero since I got those promos. Two good bands.
  6. I emailed him too and he already got back to me. He sent me a tracking number that was created on the 10th but that hasn't updated past shipping label created. So, either it got misplaced/delayed by the postal service or it's in his garage amongst a giant stack of to-be-dropped-off packages. Perhaps others who are waiting are in the same boat.
  7. Ah, man. I wish I knew what was included in the Asian Man Records club and what wasn't. Does anyone have any experience with their club and know whether compilations like this would be included? I know I didn't get the Alkaline Trio picture disc which I'm assuming was because it was a reissue-ish release?
  8. Here's an artist's rendering of this set.
  9. As someone who was just offered a 5% refund on $700 worth of trashed box sets (shipped with zero padding or protection, cases torn and ripped apart, records seem OK) from MusicVaultz AND told that they were doing me a favor by giving me a higher percentage than they normally offer, I'm of two minds. On one hand, that 20% refund is astronomically higher than MusicVaultz offers! What a deal! On the other, less sarcastic hand, we gotta send this stuff back and make the labels/companies eat that $$$. You can't do these kinds of things and have the consequence be slightly less of a decent profit. The consequence should be that you lose $$$ if you don't deliver what you advertise.
  10. I got my clear on Monday! I really dig it. IMO, this could have just been released as a Bazan/Lo Tom album and feels closer to those than any Pedro album but I love everything Bazan does, so, I'm happy.
  11. I got the same flurry of email notifications for old orders from Kings Road too. It is more likely some kind of refresh of their database/system than a hacking but I suppose there are some wacky hackers out there.
  12. swb

    Best Albums of 2018?

    I haven't found a way to keep a list that satisfies my obsessive nature while also remaining fun and enjoyable for me as a whole person. Eventually, it becomes a task and reminds me of when I ran a blog and podcast, etc, and music became less fun. There is also something zen about accepting that I'll miss some stuff I liked in Jan/Feb but that it's OK and I don't have to remember everything.
  13. I don't have experience getting PayPal to assist on an order that was placed outside their 180 day window but I hope they offer some kind of help for delayed pre-order situations. If not, definitely contact your credit card company or bank and ask them if they can help you secure a replacement/return, since you received a 'not as described' item. If they do honor a return, something to look into would be PayPal's return shipping program. The only time I used it, like in 2016, they covered up to $20-25 for returns on items paid with PayPal. I believe you have to opt-in before hand (google should help) but it's free and it will eat up most if not all the international shipping costs. I'd normally just watch from the sidelines and make a personal note never to buy from this label ever again but, in this case, it seems their thought process was to bank on customers not wanting to deal with the hassle (rather than issue a refund ahead of time or be upfront about the changes) so I feel compelled to urge people to not give up immediately and exhaust your options for a return/refund. Some joint social media sharing feels appropriate too, considering their lack of a meaningful response.
  14. S'only non-photographable.
  15. Color package was sold out but then I remembered I had left a tab open from earlier today and I tried adding to cart from the old tab. It worked and my order went through. Good times on VC.