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  1. Just added a new/sealed copy of the National's Boxer (Vinyl Me Please Edition), another Joyful Noise White Label LP from Chad Popples, the new Yo La Tengo/Oneida split 7", and a discounted/used copy of one of the new Thou EPs. Sold a bunch over the weekend, as well, so check the list for updated inventory. PM me to make an order. Weekly deal ends Tuesday at midnight.
  2. The old Insound gave me a free Kimbra test pressing as part of a contest like 6+ years ago and then I've gotten maybe 4-5 more test pressings from Topshelf as freebies for their label sub. The Native Sound sent me a few 7" test pressings as part of the box deals they were doing recently. Only test presses I've actually paid direct money for are the ETR Ozma test pressing bundles and only cause I love Ozma and I dig the alternate covers that were included. Otherwise, I'd never spend $60+ on a test pressing as part of a label vault sale or whatever.
  3. If we begin to allow innocent and sincere posts like this, eventually the entire VC facade will crumble and we'll all end up on the floor sobbing and feeling our emotions.
  4. Weekly Deal (ends 10/18 at midnight): Order $50 or more and get one free CD, LP/7", or tape priced at $4 or less
  5. swb

    PO: DIIV - Covers 7"

    I dig those YouTube streams of the songs. Not enough to buy the 7" but enough to leave a comment giving a thumbs up to my DIIV man.
  6. Are there any reading materials that show how much of this goes to charity? I'm like 60% sold on picking this up and knowing a decent chunk goes to a good cause might push me to a qualifying percentage.
  7. Heads up: I'm trying to trim my collection by about 20%, so I'll be listing even more records over the next few weeks. First mini-round of additions includes LPs from Radiator Hospital, Tegan and Sara, Kurt Vile, John Vanderslice, The Ophelias, and more. Most of them are new/sealed. List link in first post. PM me to order. Thanks!
  8. I'm glad the Kickstarter 2.0 is working out better for them. There was a time when I would have auto-bought an Aquabats LP for over $25 without having heard a single song but, unfortunately, that time is not now. I'll keep tabs on it though, as I'm curious to find out what kind of music they're putting on it.
  9. The new Songs for Christmas box set is now on Amazon for $79.98. I imagine Asthmatic Kitty will probably announce their version (if they do have a different version) soon.
  10. I remember streaming Silver and Gold when the box was out and not really digging it but I'm digging this 1-5 set. Are they that different that I'd have two separate reactions or am I just in more of a Sufjan Christmas mood right now?
  11. I own both but I've barely used my LP-120 since I got it mostly as a 2nd table to record albums for future play testing while I simultaneously play test records on my Orbit. If you flat out want an Orbit, I say go for it but if you're expecting a big bump up and want to pay for a big bump up, maybe get some advice on some non-Orbit options. If you do want an Orbit, I recommend looking into a Grado Black 2 cartridge. I got one for my first generation Orbit and I had no hum or trouble getting it working and I like the less bright sound more than the AT cartridges. Not sure how it compares to the Red but still gonna throw that rec out there.
  12. I don't want to steal two fires with one post here but I just sold my warped copy of Macintosh Plus for $25. Someone already took it from me.
  13. Thanks for the quick deets. Much appreciated.
  14. If you order a brand new item from their online store, you are more likely to get something straight from their warehouse that has been packed decently. If you order something older, you might end up getting beat up stock from a physical shop that was hastily thrown in a thin plastic bag and handed to the mail carrier. Exceptions in both cases but that's been my experience over the years.
  15. This is a separate series/comp than Silver and Gold, yeah? Is there some overlap?