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  1. Not sure how this slipped through the cracks but here I am. Liked their switch a few years back. Bottle It Up is catchy for sure IMO. Shame all the variants are already sold out.
  2. Very nice! Def waiting because I can't stand SRC but happy it's getting a repress
  3. Nice! I was very sad to see it go. I loved categorizing my own records and putting info in there that I wanted and then making it all look the same. Excited!
  4. Yeah famdom is weird. I'm a pretty green Deftons fan though so I'm not mad at all. I'm excited for the album for sure.
  5. I'm in the same boat Derek. Pressing numbers and "limitedness" don't mean jack to me anymore. Also I think I figured out why I don't love the new song just yet. Chino's delivery feels off to me..
  6. Cant say I love it..I'll have to see what it's like in the context of the full album but by itself it isn't anything too special. Kind of a weird choice for a single to be honest.
  7. Dang not what I was expecting to see today. They are pressing the wrong SEA albumt though.
  8. Anytime more people can own an awesome album like this is a good thing..
  9. Damn it's not even on the store anymore. Getting a 404 page now.
  10. Damn $50 total is steep. Given the circumstances though Im okay with it. This seems like it will be a nice press and a good package.
  11. I think he meant the deluxe. I asked the bands manager on Twitter about a deluxe restock but never got a reply. Hoping some eventually go up because I def regretted not getting one.