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  1. I'll chime in on the record shipping fiasco. Got mine in last week and opened up the package and the records were just chillin outside of any kind of sleeves and just smushed between the jacket. I've never had a record ship like that before. I've been too busy to play it but I'll have to get around to it tonight and check out the vinyl too. Bummer.
  2. Score. Got both variants. I really need to catch them on tour soon.
  3. Yeah what the heck is up with the mix? If it's intended to be that way then I don't know what they were thinking
  4. Grabbed a frosted clear from deathwish a few days ago. Album is a banger.
  5. Oooof that new artwork is baaaaaad. This album didn't age well for me anyways. Plus $36 shipped??
  6. Holy shit. Oceana's Birth.Eater. has been my most wanted to be pressed album since I started collecting. I'm so happy right now. I honestly never thought it was going to happen given the name change and how the band views that time in their careers.
  7. New song is rad. Last 45 seconds is really really great. Pre-ordered the splatter. I also don't get the Yip hate
  8. I'm finally getting around to buying some more albums and this one is def on the list. I like the coke bottle and the gold splatter but I REALLY love that tour haze. Anyone looking to sell?
  9. Def excited for new Polyenso and I enjoy the new song but I ain't paying $20 plus shipping for an EP.
  10. Vinyl teaser on their Facebook page. Preorders Monday it seems. There’s a black smoke, pink swirl/smoke, and like an orangish red smoke of some kind.