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  1. Lol what a crap shoot. They probably just went with their cheapest option to spend less money. I guess time will tell.
  2. Those both look great! Not picking them up since I already have copies but I really love that pin strip for Virgin
  3. Went for the cool looking deluxe because I regret not picking up the Brother, Sister one so much. I guess I’ll just try and get around to having all the deluxe versions of each album.
  4. This is spot on 😂😂 It’s all so cheesy but I love it!
  5. Did they seriously only add the variant to the big bundle?? I'm not spending $120+ for the record...damnit.
  6. As far as I know it hasn't been restocked yet. I've been following the bands manager pretty closely and haven't heard anything yet. I'm really pissed I didn't pull the trigger on this one. He did mention it will for sure be restocked though. I think in a tweet he said they had some cancellations and overages.
  7. Got the colored. Looks really cool! Now I just need a sstb and in keeping secrets repress and I'll be all covered.
  8. Hi gang, looking to sell some of my more rare records/test presses and also just some odds and ends I've been meaning to get rid of. I'd really like to sell some bundles and just do some lump sum deals. PM with anything you're interested in and hopefully we can work something out! Only thing is I ask that buyer covers shipping and also sends as friends/family through PP to avoid any fees on my end. If you're uncomfortable sending as f/f then i ask that you cover the fee on your end Rare/Higher Ticket Items -The Bear Romantic - Firewood (Test Press) -The Graduate
  9. I guess I just put them in the back of my mind and never thought about it again. Weird. I'm excited though.
  10. Honestly I think it's the clear part of the splatters that gets boring. Splatters are great but the clear kinda gets meh
  11. Yup. Derek nailed it. Im just over that early sound of hers. And I know this will piss some off but her voice isn't my favorite. The best part of the new song was the instruments. Her voice just doesn't fit for me sometimes. I have to be in a very specific mood to really let her music grab me. She's a great artist no doubt.

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