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  1. AILD shared more variants on Facebook. Beer w/Black Splatter at Bullmoose, Red w/Black Splatter (looks to be official AILD merchstore in bundles only), black, clear, orange/black smash, and the bone w/splatter.
  2. I tried to get through it 2 different times and it just wasn't for me. Didn't strike my interests at all.
  3. I can't get over the electronic voice stuff..it's a no from me. Edit: to be fair, Hey Ma is a decent track and the middle tracks do have that Vernon emotion that I enjoy in his voice.
  4. So far we only have the black, clear, and bone with splatter? Tried ordering a clear but that nuclear blast webstore is awful. Got all the way through and it gave me an error message. I guess I'll wait it out.
  5. Derek I was def being facetious. I knew where you were trying to go with that.
  6. This is the last all add to this convo. The most hilarious part of this whole conversation is that Shelby and I have extremely similar tastes in music but I only take part in meme band threads. And fuck you Derek! Ive always disliked the early november and I'm only 30.
  7. See what I mean? "Meme band threads" You just won't get over the fact that music is subjective and people can like who they want. Sorry I don't dick ride everything that Nothing puts out. Maybe I do take things too seriously sometimes. Who cares. I just don't like you and when this stuff I read has your handle attached to it I just can't help but say something. Also, I do realize that what I said about Instagram and your personality was a bit far. I apologize for that...that's not usually who I am.
  8. The irony is palpable? Personal attacks? Did you not just read his last comment? How is what I'm doing any different than him?
  9. You really got me figured out! I think you just don't like people in general and get off on being a dickhead and don't like the people who call you out for it. I actually used to like you on here believe it or not. Then I followed you on Instagram and your whole sad/notice me attitude made me want to go crawl in a hole and die. Do you actually enjoy life or are you attracted to the negativity? Talk about someone not adding anything to the boards. You are the definition of useless here.
  10. Fuckin thank you jhulud. So tired of a certain few individuals on here that like to lord their musical tastes over everyone else's. Always showing up in threads for bands they apparently can't stand. Spewing their sarcasm and circle jerk jokes. It's fucking annoying and one of the main reason I don't visit VC much anymore. Funny thing is they all know who they are too. Fuck you dudes.
  11. Rosetta Stoned is like the coolest song ever written. The story in that song is fascinating.
  12. Whaaaat?? News to me. It's by far my fav album of theirs. I didn't realize people thought this.
  13. Love the new track! I think alot of people aren't going to love it because they are wanting 10,000 days part 2 but I wouldn't expect tool to do that.
  14. So damn excited for this. This is probably the one of maybe 2 or 3 bands my wife got me into before we got married. Her tastes are definitely not aligned with mine. I always heard of tool but never gave them a chance until she handed me the CD for 10,000 days and I was enthralled with the art and packaging. I've been a big fan ever since. She on the other hand could care less now. I'm honestly still surprised we are getting a new Tool album. Hoping for a decently priced vinyl option to play. If the mega-super-deluxe-crazy package is available I'm sure I'll try for thay too but just happy this is happening.