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  1. I finished it. Sight is a bit buggy so I finally just used Reddit. You get an email afterwards with a D&D type role playing character sheet, a mp3 download of the 8bit, and a chord chart for the song and its lyrics.
  2. Only thing I got to work was tree 2 and then typed use axe. Then it says the tree is too heavy to carry but something is glowing on the stump. Can’t pass that part. I think it’s all fun though. I like this kind of stuff.
  3. I’m VIBING to that 8bit track. I love it. I’m currently stuck on the glowing stump..
  4. I think I MAY have a copy. PM me and I’ll see what I have left.
  5. Wish mine would come in so I could just decided for myself. I got the red splatter copies from Revolver and the box set from Underoath. I never pulled the trigger on a resold copy of any of their albums. I figured they would get repressed sometime. I’ll be super bummed if they end up being low quality.
  6. Yup you’re right and they take up like half the album art too. Why?? Also weren’t they originally supposed to be actual obi strips? Or am I remembering wrong..it’s been so long since I ordered these.
  7. Holy shit I just saw the OBI strips on Instagram and they are atrociously massive and unnecessary 😬😬
  8. Who would have guessed that after all this wait and them using a sketch plant that we would have a crappy product? I really hope I’m wrong but they may be looking at some major refund issues or them having to completely redo the entire process with another solid company on their own dime. They should have gone this route in the first place but I guarantee it was their cheapest option.
  9. New song is okay but it didn’t do much for me and the Yoni feature is pretty bare minimum..

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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