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  1. Bump. Willing to do some trades for these too. Mostly interested in some Underoath.
  2. Hey all, selling my extra Graduate records. I was collecting variants and couldn't ever get ahold of a few so I decided to part with them awhile ago. Just realized I never even put them up for sale. Most of these are super hard to find and I'm not sure some have even been sold on discogs. With that said I'm not really sure how to price these. I guess just send me offers and we can work something out! Great band with two awesome full lengths. It's a shame they are no longer a band. The Graduate - Anhedonia (Test Press) The Graduate - Anhedonia (180g Black) The Graduate - Anhedonia (Red w/Black Smoke) The Graduate - Only Every Time (Cerulean Blue)
  3. I have a wax mage copy I'd be willing to trade for a copy of the Underoath TOCS and DTGL 2xlp.
  4. Got my purple/blue galaxy copy and my cloudy clear w/red copy in today. Both look great! Will update with sound quality later tonight. Heres a DL code for anyone who didn't purchase. dropcards.com/vinyl N3F4Q33QFR Let me know if you get it. Leaving this one out of the download codes thread for you sexy bitches.
  5. Yeah song is not great. Pretty sure they were a one and doner with their first LP. I will not be picking this up.
  6. I'll chime in on the record shipping fiasco. Got mine in last week and opened up the package and the records were just chillin outside of any kind of sleeves and just smushed between the jacket. I've never had a record ship like that before. I've been too busy to play it but I'll have to get around to it tonight and check out the vinyl too. Bummer.
  7. Score. Got both variants. I really need to catch them on tour soon.
  8. Yeah what the heck is up with the mix? If it's intended to be that way then I don't know what they were thinking