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  1. This album aged well for me. Didn't really enjoy it much when it first came out. It had a few decent songs but nothing that really pulled me in. Through the years though I've found myself coming back to it a lot. Espcecially here lately. I'll give props to Emery for doing something different at the time though. After the huge success that was The Question I think fans were looking forward to something that built upon that album and that is def not what Emery did. They kind of went the opposite way. It's always a toss up for bands following a record like that. They succeeded where alot of bands fail in that "sophomore slump" and made an album that was incredible. The Question is still one of my favorite albums but I'm Only A Man was a pretty big flop at the time and the band themselves will even tell you that. The stories behind the making of the album are pretty hilarious. Especially from Toby's point of view. Apparently they missed out on a huge contract too. The musical aspect of this album is awesome. They were doing some really interesting stuff. It's also a bit "theatrical" to me and that's probably why I didn't enjoy it as much back then. Very story driven and dramatic in a way. I'll 100% pick up a copy of this. Only thing I'm worried about is the re-recording aspect. Hopefully they keep that same energy and it stays at the same level of production. It could potentially change the album a bit.
  2. I mentioned that the bands manager reached out to me via email to ask some questions about the accidental early release of these through Facebook. He then proceeded to contact me through Instagram to give more context. Idk how much more valid of answers you are wanting but this is all coming directly from their manager. Here is the full conversation I've had with him. Seems they are probably lurking this thread too because he is trying to correct some misinformation.
  3. I mean I confirmed 6 pages ago through the bands manager that these aren't live recordings..he personally told me they weren't.
  4. Ohhhhhh DTGL is double lp!! So glad I never pulled the trigger on that double album release.
  5. REACQUIRED the boxset. Tickets to live broadcast shows of each album. Kinda lame but i guess that is how bands can make some money right now.
  6. Yeah kind of dumb and unnecessary work IMO. Let us 100 or so keep our orders and just release the rest on the original day you intended. No harm no foul. Not like these aren't going to sell out.
  7. Just got an email for cancellation and then a separate underoath email about the release. "Observatory Beta Transmission Test Succesful. Test was terminated at 100 engaged users. All Currency received will be reallocated to user within 24-48 hours. Error. Confirmed limited access launch date 7.6.20. "
  8. I guess he picked out my email to ask some questions concerning charges and what not. He directed me to his Instagram and asked a few more questions there.
  9. So it's Underoath's manager. He reached out to ask a few questions and said they will have more info tomorrow morning about what happened. He also told me to let the internet know that this is NOT live recordings.