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MEGA msale at ccmusic.com

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31 minutes ago, KingTacoMunster said:

looks like CCMUSIC doesnt do free shipping over a certain amount anymore? could have swore it was orders $50 and more. bummed

I believe they usually have a code every few months for free shipping, but that it's not standard, even over a certain amount. It's been a while since I've ordered from there, but when I'm trying to decide what to get I'm always thinking about if the shipping cost offsets the discount.

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2 hours ago, poweredbytrust said:

the common 20% discount code usually evens out the shipping costs for me (if it doesn't give me additional savings on top!), and I'm overseas. So no need to worry there.

Yeah that's the point for me too. For 4 records it's basically free shipping for us. It's actually huge, but I can see why it's not that big for us people.

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2 hours ago, Spicoli said:

I just checked and there's a sales tax of 21% to my country when I put records on my cart, that's the normal tax on my country but didn't expect it here as this is the first time I see it, weird!


So I get a 20% discount and 21% extra charge haha not the best discount 

They are now collecting VAT at source. Deep Discount (same people) are doing it too. I assume the Spanish VAT rate is 21%. They add 20% to UK orders. If you know anyone in Portugal, it is worth trying a Portuguese address to see if they charge orders going there. Last I looked, they were charging it to the UK but not the Republic of Ireland.

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