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PO: Kevin Devine - We Are Who We've Always Been (10-20-2017)

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41 minutes ago, sVegas22x said:

Hmm, that cover art makes the think its something like acoustic versions of songs from Instigator

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Off topic: When I saw Dashboard Confessional play in early August, Chris Carrabba said that their drummer was about to record a new album with his other band.  He then introduced the drummer (Ben Homola) and confirmed it was Bad Books.  It'll be a while until we see an album, I'm sure, but it was still great news.


On topic: I'd probably grab an acoustic album if this is the case or even a live album.  He puts on a killer show.

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Going to try and cop the /250 but I'll be in class till 12:15

I'm happy about this release, I heard several of these songs acoustic first and love them as such--Instigator was my first "disappointed" response to a Kevin Devine album and it wasn't even real disappointment, just kind of stylistic letdown if anything

I have a feeling this acoustic version will bring about many spins and subsequently many tears 

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59 minutes ago, Kanye West said:

Big Scary Monsters has a copy up that says /50

But it says opaque blue and PMT shows "blue" is the standard


very confused


Just saw on twitter that it isn't /50, they only have 50 copies of the standard variant. 

VERY misleading. Disappointing coming from BSM. Emailed to cancel. 

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