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PO: Norma Jean - Deathrattle Sing For Me (8-12-22)

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1. 1994
2. Call For The Blood
3. Spearmint Revolt
4. Memorial Hoard
5. Aria Obscura
6. Any%
7. Parallella
9. A Killing Word
10. Penny Margs
11. el-roi
12. Sleep Explosion
13. Heartache


Can't seem to get the cover art to post for some reason. Always have trouble with what should be the easiest shit on this site.

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1 hour ago, ejc625 said:

Be glad you got them when you did because they just raised the price by $10.

Had a feeling that was gonna happen - seemed too cheap.  Also, saw this is available through Target and part of their B2G1 sale.  You just run the risk of Target cancelling the order, because they suck anymore with POs.

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I can actually really dig the new song. The last 2 albums were great but a little samey sounding, and I think NJ is at their best when they reinvent their sounda bit with each record. I like the look of the splatter but I assume it'll sound pretty rough, so I guess I'll go for a sea blue. "Electric" blue seems intriguing but I assume it's just cokebottle in reality.

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