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The Walking Dead

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I don't get why they had to make Morgan's episode 90 minutes instead of the mid-season finale. And even with a regular running time, they could've done A LOT more. And yeah, Carol and Morgan shouldn't have fought. Morgan trying to change the Wolf dude is such an unnecessary subplot. And Porch Dick's kids are a pain in the ass.

Agreed. Then again, even when they're all together, it gets stale real quick (farm, prison, etc.), so I dunno. Maybe split them up for good, the group was already big before Alexandria.

EDIT: Holy crap, I just saw the post-credit scene.

Negan has arrived.

I just hope they don't temper Negan like they did the Governor. Next season could be the best of the series.

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Why are you putting Negan in Spoilers.  if someone isnt already aware that he is going to be a part of the next half/next season, and gets upset reading this thread because its been confirmed... maybe they shouldnt be reading this thread.  


spoilers are for potential future plots, or information about whats happening, not for things that have already aired.  


also, so much for that kid shooting out Carls eye.  he's just as big of a bitch as carl was when he first started out.  


Ive enjoyed the first half of the season, I liked learning about how Morgan survived his inner demons.. I think the doc girl getting kidnapped is going to fuck with his head though.


Are they doing another season of Fear of the Walking Dead?

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Went to a Walking Dead event with Andy Lincoln, Scott Gimpel and Greg Nicotero hosted by the Smithsonian. 1st question asked: why does the WD hate black people? Apparently, Mr. Lincoln never watches himself so everytime they showed a clip he turned away from the big screen and put his fingers in his ears. They showed a 4 min clip of the forthcoming episode. looks good. and they had mad props.



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