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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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Would amazon even be guaranteed to get copies? Id hate to pass on ordering it through Mondo, then get my Amazon order cancelled. 


They are distributed by Redeye, and it's in Redeye's system for 3/5 with a $29.99 SRP, so I think it's safe to assume Amazon will get copies. 

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Mondo's records are really easy to get compared to their posters. Just subscribe to their twitter or their mailing list, and they will tweet the day before the drop with all the info. They drop everything from 10 to 12 usually, and you don't need to F5 for records, you can just follow their twitter for the onsale announcement (not like that for screenprints tho).

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Gonna be interesting to see how difficult it becomes to get some of the higher profile releases relative to the posters. Obviously the quantity is much higher, so should be decent, but hoping to avoid the F5 show in the future.

EDIT: Thanks for the info!

Ill be getting on there immediately, though amazon currently has a preorder for thiz that you may wanna jump on as a backup if you're determined to snag a copy.

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I for one don't see why everyone likes the film so much. It had its moments but I thought it was average at best as far as horror films go.

That being said, I do remember thinking the score was pretty cool. And after seeing how fucking awesome the artwork is, I might have to get it.

If you don't like the film but like the soundtrack, i think that's enough reason in itself.

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Rob Jones did the artwork for Poltergeist??  Ummm no, but thanks for playing....



"On Friday, February 22nd, Mondo will release Jerry Goldsmith's POLTERGEIST (1982) featuring brand new album cover design by We Buy Your Kids (the Australian art duo Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney) which recently collaborated with Mondo on their latest gallery show, "Tina's Mom's Boyfriend" last November. While I've been lukewarm on the bulk of their work, I'm absolutely delighted with the cover they've designed for the POLTERGEIST album. I especially love the full-bodied specter featured in the cross-panel interior of the album."


From here:  http://www.aintitcool.com/node/60946

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