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  1. something like that. my guess is that they rush shipped the 1st round or records to be distributed to people that are waiting and the rest showed up slower. If your worried about it Email them and ask whats up, no harm in that, but I'm sure it will be there soon.
  2. Trent said on his Beats interview the other day that they're only doing festivals this year and will likely be doing smaller tours in the future.
  3. Yeah I ended up ordering that an one of the shirts anyway. Probably could have waited on the shirt since I'm seeing them next Sunday but I'm dumb.
  4. There's a bunch of new shirts and stuff up too some are pretty cool. Also Cargo in the Blood is back up if anyone was looking for it.
  5. Nice I really dig this a lot more than anything off the last EP. Excited to here the rest . Wish I could order the Physical Component and the vinyl to save on shipping but with 22,000 components in stock should take a while to sellout.
  6. The one I got today came from TX like the rest of the stuff. My tracking for my copy of Before the Flood says Ca. My guess is Sand Bag has depots all over.
  7. I actually ordered 2 copies of Deviations 1 when they went up and another after the site when back up a month ago. My 2nd one just showed up no email for tracking or anything. However it was packed in a slightly bigger box with a bit of bubble wrap around it. Pretty my in perfect condition a few very minor spots from the shrink wrapping. They really should have done the 1st batch like this.
  8. I think the music on Deviations is fantastic I'm hearing new things in songs that I've been listening to for almost 20 years. The new songs are awesome, I've been listening to it non stop since I got it. Unfortunately the presentation is a little under whelming, a little better than the standard 4LP Ghosts edition but fall well short of say the 20th anniversary Nevermind reissue that had a similar price point. I can't say this is surprising given that this is the 1st release since Rob Sheridan left the band sometime last year. He's handled all visual aspects (tour production, package design, posters ect) of the band since the Fragile era. He was a huge part of the band for almost 20 years and has set the standard for what we expect from a NIN release. There were clearly huge production issues with this release and if I had to guess Trent was focused on making sure the music was on point rather than the packaging. As it's been pointed out this is a high dollar deluxe release that is not for everyone. I'd say we overpaid by about 20 bucks given what we got, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. If you're still disappointed hit up Sandbag and see if you can get your money back or wait a few years and E-Bay it and double your money.....anyway that's my 2 cents. Also I think the fact that there's no way to buy this digitally is on purpose TR knows that his fans are savvy enough to track down the music for free. So rather than charge you for it I think he's saying I dont care go get it.