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  1. Nice! This all seems to be going swimmingly I'd just try and pull the plug with paypal if I were you. Sucks man sorry, bunch of ass clowns
  2. It's a 300 item, they say they'll get back to you in 24 hours I dont think it's unreasonable to hole them to that. I work for an internet retailer and if we had an F-up that big we'd get back to them within an hour.
  3. Over 24 hours and still nothing back on my Cargo In Blood that they probably sent to someone that ordered a Hesitation Marks LP. Yeah these guys are way better than whatever that last Merch company was.
  4. I returned from a short vacation this morning excited to open up my Cargo In The Blood shipment (that I had to email them to get it shipped) to find a copy of Hesitation Marks LP instead. I knew it was wrong as soon as I saw the box. How are these guys better then the last ones again? The book is now showing Sold Out so yeah I'm pretty pumped.
  5. Ha I thought the same thing, so I put that on. Feel like it an underrated album.
  6. That song sounds rad!
  7. Yeha mine is DHL via USPS I think I got Friday says it was picked up in TX that's about it. Can we just go back to whoever was running it in the Hesitation Marks/ How to Destroy Angels era? They were out of Carlsbad, Ca about 20 miles from where I am and I never had any problems.
  8. FYI, sent a message about my order got a shipping notice a few hours later.
  9. Same thing happened to me on the Pledge campaign I hit them up and they sent me a new one (even let me keep the other one) I'm sure there's an email in your confirmation order you can hit up.