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  1. I'd be fine if I never saw them play The Hand That Feeds or Piggy again. I'm real Happy The Great Destroyer has been a main stay on the past few tours. I've never seen them play Last or Happiness in Slavery those would be awesome. Now that Atticus is in the band it would be rad if they added Immigrant Song to the set list but I dont know if Trent can sing that one.
  2. I THINK it's 50/ 50. I got a red one my 1st go, if you take a look a page or 2 back I'm a crazy person and get all things NIN. I figured at that price + the fact that people were saying they got signed records yesterday it was worth a shot.
  3. I ordered a copy of Not The Actual Events from Reckless this morning hoping to get one with a blue insert. It's all ready shipped with tracking if anyone was holding out I would order through them.
  4. Also Reckless.com has it for 50 along with all the reissues + NTAE for a bit cheaper than NIN.com. http://www.reckless.com/index.php?keywords=trent+reznor&format=&cond=&store=&is_search=true&srch=Search they've got to be better to deal with than SandBag(ofDicks)
  5. I just ordered mine from Amoeba is was 50 bucks but free shipping I'd rather pay a little more and not deal with SandBag. I ordered a Breeders record from them a couple Fridays ago and it was here the following Monday. https://www.amoeba.com/the-vietnam-war-score-lp-trent-reznor/albums/3980617/
  6. If they do a club show I bet it's tonight or Monday, I'm sure the festival doesn't want them stepping on their attendance, it would suck to have to skip seeing Queens. Super jealous I bet they play some new/ different stuff from the last batch of shows.
  7. I figured that was just digital since I hadn't seen it anywhere to order but maybe the LPs will be out too. The clip of TR & AR talking about it had some music in the BG sounded pretty good.
  8. Been buying everything I could get my hands on since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to just be getting into records when the Fragile came out so I got it for like 20 buck at a Hot Topic Im pretty jealous of all those shows I missed out on.
  9. Took like a half hour to put all the images in. Thanks you got me beat on shows but I figured I might have you here.
  10. Ok took a bunch of pic of my collection so I could catolog what I have figured I'd share it. Some shots comparing the OG presses vs the new ones. Hit me up if you have any questions.