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  1. Yeah these guy are better than crap bag, nicely packed ships from Carlsbad Ca (right up the road from me) pretty sure it's the same team that ran it in the Hesitations Marks/ How To Destroy Angels days A+ from me bye bye Crap Bag. Slipmat:
  2. Looks like the NIN.com orders ship out of San Marcos, Ca. I'm in San Diego and tracking says I'll get mine today! Later shit bag you will not be missed.
  3. Add Violence already sold out! I assume they'll be back up sans that slip matt, looked like they put 500 up to begin with
  4. Yeah same pretty annoying but whatever. Grabbed the poster and Add Violence despite have a copy of AV on order at my local shop. Also Im glad they finally pushed all the out of stock/ coming soon stuff to the bottom of the page looked like shit before and buried the Prick LP
  5. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    uhhhh broke down and picked up 1 & 2 despite the prices. I saw Mariachi El Bronx Saturday I was hoping they'd have these, they did not.
  6. Go back 6-10 pages people got real into this for like a week there's like 2 pages of talk about what ones to use.
  7. Please be changing companies, hopefully they'll be back with some new stuff to at least pre order. Also we are starting to get close to EP3!
  8. I ordered a standard copy from Amoeba and they said the print run was shorted and the 2nd wave should come around 11/10. None of the stores I frequent in San Diego have got their copies.
  9. If they're getting it I bet that means it will be available via other retailers. I'll wait and try and get in at my local shop or something. Trying to decide between SB & SRC seems like trying to decide what side of a shit sandwich you want to take the 1st bite off.
  10. Has Trent won any Emmys before? If not he could for this dude might pull off an EGOT if they ever make the Fight Club musical.
  11. I'd be fine if I never saw them play The Hand That Feeds or Piggy again. I'm real Happy The Great Destroyer has been a main stay on the past few tours. I've never seen them play Last or Happiness in Slavery those would be awesome. Now that Atticus is in the band it would be rad if they added Immigrant Song to the set list but I dont know if Trent can sing that one.