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  1. I am Jack's complete lack of self restraint, ended up picking one up. After dropping 70 bucks at my local shop yesterday I was hoping to avoid buying anything today. At least its for a good cause.
  2. Yeah it's not cheap but it's not going to be cheaper later, it sucks but if you want a copy you should grab it looks like there's only a few left.
  3. I would guess that only printing 200 they weren't cheap to produce, probably not the best way to go about producing this. It's pricy but if you've been waiting for it to be pressed there you go.
  4. That Dog - 20th Anersery Retreat From The Sun picture disc LP
  5. They've added another date for Riot Fest Chicago with fucking JAWBREAKER!pretty good line up
  6. Went up on their IG last night no other details that I saw.
  7. Boy people sure are worried about these Test Pressings. Anyone listen to the MP3s yet? I like it a lot, it's not as good as the studio version but I'm glad the band has a version they own.
  8. Yeah Kelly Scott has been saying that it wont be available anywhere else on FB for weeks. I'd bet money that they'll have a few on there site or on tour but wont be cheaper than the Pledge.
  9. I'm not opening it but here's a pic. No shipping notice just showed up.
  10. I already have that one it's this one:
  11. Nice I actually just ordered a Broken Promo Lp myself should be here today. Nice collection.
  12. Must stop buying the same records over and over. I picked up the Red /White splatter. I'm thinking of selling off my copies of the Clear & the Black and White split, PM me if you're interested.
  13. Dude awesome! What's in between PHM and Sin also the 1st one in the 2nd row? Nice collection