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  1. I am being lazy on getting stuff out to photograph, but I am a few LP's away from a complete Veil Of Maya collection. In the meantime, here is my full VC for their album Matriarch. First Pressing (2015) Gold [x/????] Translucent Purple [x/500] Second Pressing (2022) Neon Violet in Electric Blue w/ Black & Blue Splatter [x/250] Clear w/ Black/Neon Magenta/Yellow Splatter [x/750] Purple and Blue Side A/B w/ Black Splatter [x/2,500]
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  2. Yeah. These exclusives suck. I was just listening to the Halloween event exclusive I got from Mondo like 10 years ago and thinking how different VC is now. I bought like 20 copies for people on the board at cost. They just gave me a sealed box of vinyl. 😂 There are still people here that help out, like the guy doing the raffle for DP… but he seems like a rare breed now on VC. if there’s no limit, why not buy 10 copies for the board? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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  3. Just came to post about this. Wife and I finished it this morning and yeah, I was blown away with how “good” it was. Considering Ryan Murphy is attached to it, I didn’t have high hopes at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure why all of his other shows can’t be like that. But yeah. Definitely doesn’t glorify him like most other serial killer-related shows/movies tend to do with those people. I felt like it was about the victims and how their families were effected than anything. Evan Peters gave one hell of a performance though, holy shit. And Richard Jenkins is always top-tier in anything he’s in.
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  4. I would’ve been so bummed had I not seen them play all of FC (plus Miracle and Dionysus Burning) in Louisville earlier this week. Can’t believe they didn’t just let them finish it out though. Friday set the precedent for the main stage running extremely late already.
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  5. Derek™

    A Great Big Pile of Leaves

    Pretty sure I just got a shipment notification for this. Whoa.
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  6. This makes me really sad. Wish you could’ve seen them. They seem really pleasantly surprised by how well this is going so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of them.
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  7. The Dahmer show is very heavy and difficult to watch. I had to pause it a few times in the first episode alone, but its very good. It truly reflects how much of a piece of shit the guy was, so I think the current debate on social media about the show glorifying him is misleading. Would recommend watching an episode of a more lighthearted show afterwards lol
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  8. I know of 1 thing I’m missing aside from test presses.. but I think my collection of The Bronx / Mariachi El Brox is pretty comprehensive.
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  9. The vinyl for Outrun The Sunlight's new album A Vast Field of Silence finally arrived, so I took a picture of the collection.
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  10. Saw people in the T&N Facebook group saying since there wasn't a limit, people walking away from Blindside's booth with several - one guy said someone bought 15 (possibly exaggerated, but still). I'll be gutted if this was the only pressing and they chose to handle it like that.
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