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  2. Sometimes I'll pull a random album or use the discogs app to randomly select something from my collection to listen to, and I'll think, "Well fuck. This album/artist is awesome. Why aren't I listening to it more often?" Tonight I pulled out Cosmo's Factory and was like, "Why am I not just constantly listening to CCR?" Any albums that have done that for you lately?
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  3. Not even sure if these are going to be Fat releases but just noticed the NOFX merch store is back up and they have colored 3xLPs of 2 of the upcoming final shows for pre order Looks like the Barcelona shows are going to be White Trash, Punk in Drublic, So Long and Wolves In Wolves Clothing and Linz is going to be White Trash, So Long and the Decline https://nofxmerch.com/pages/music
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  4. Fill out this form: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/ Every time I’ve done it, my package magically reappears in transit with updates within days.
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  5. SAME! I reached out to them on Saturday. They are sending out the correct record (without jacket).
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  6. If we’re doing classic rock entries, I pulled out In the Court of the Crimson King recently for the first time in a while and, man, it’s still tough to beat.
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  7. Good thread idea, I've toyed with the idea of making something very similar a few times in the past. It'd be cool if people try to comment on the post above – for example, I've never heard of Cosmo; forgive the laziness, but what genre would you classify them as? Here's where I would keep the chain going if I had myself one of those light-bulb moments recently. If it counts, Big Ups' Before A Million Universes was the last record I played [earlier this week] where I knew it was good, and that I should be throwing it on more... but it still clicked especially hard. One of those moments where you throw an album on hoping that it'll scratch the itch you've got, and it ends up delivering in spades for the mood you're in. I think that kinda' counts.
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  8. Again "VHS" Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Again "Laser Disk" Vinyl (Pre-Order) – Solid State Records Store Both limited to 250 copies each
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  9. Got these represses in today. The hype sticker shows Green is out of /1600, not /800 like advertised on their site but Clear is out of /400 while the site advertises /420.
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