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  1. Ehhhh... I was excited for it, then I listened to some of this album again and realized I didn't really dig it anymore.
  2. Because it still looks like they have /300 and /500 available. This is the third time I'm saying this, it kept telling me they were sold out but if you keep trying to check out it may eventually let you.
  3. Keep trying to check out with it. I got unavailable from the very start and then I just kept trying to click through in cart and it finally went.
  4. Kept getting out of stock notification until about 30 seconds ago and finally went through on an /500. That was frustrating.
  5. We at least agree on the most recent being the worst! I don't plan on ever picking that shit up.
  6. Whoaaaa, whoa, whoa there cowboy. Early AFI stuff was pretty darn good, and In Reverie is arguable STD's second worst album.

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