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  1. I mean...I believe you. I guess I was just pointing out that I could easily also say, "yeah, the lead singer reached out to me through the store email and told me these are actually going to be made out of salami." I appreciate you helping out and posting. Just seems weird that they randomly chose someone who ordered to be the "conduit" to get the correct info out to people. What if you'd have just not said anything to anyone? The whole release has been weird and nonsensical.
  2. Could be clearer since this has been kind of a clusterfuck; most things have been "clarified" second-hand from some random person on the internet, and even though the description says that, the obi in the product mock-up photo on the site says, "Exclusive series of 3 full albums performed in their entirety via livestream." There's no reason to be snotty, dude. I mean...you're a person unrelated to the band on the internet confirming something second hand, and the obi above seems contradictory. Sorry to ask for clarification again.
  3. Agreed. And the guy who "confirmed" they're actually represses on reddit has another comment on there saying they're live recordings.
  4. Yeah, if the person isn't established on here as a buyer I can trust I ask for F&F. We had a rash of people on the board who would place tons of expensive orders with different folks all at once, and then claim they never got anything to get refunded while keeping the records. I've shown I can be trusted as a seller already, so why take the risk with some newjack? If it's someone I know from the boards or someone who has feedback from someone I know I'm comfortable with whatever price I set through the normal purchase option.
  5. Really enjoyed the first one, played the beta for 2 and couldn't get into it. Worth giving it a chance?
  6. I'm big on Holy Serpent again lately, and I'll always promote Spaceslug. Blood Farmers are pretty great too.
  7. Or, better yet, donate that $7 to any number of worthy charities...