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  1. In case you missed my reply to the last person - I can see where Rambo was coming from, and I understand your point as well. I live in an area that has been hard hit with riots over all this, so it's a bit of a sore spot for me. Apologies if I offended you, I should have checked myself and read more carefully before jumping straight in, the ACAB stuff bothers me because I've seen some crazy shit lately with my own eyes in regards to the riots here in the US. That said - I don't think it's appropriate to label an entire group as bastards based on the actions of so few. I support police reform, as I stated above. But I also value people, even if they're cops, and I think shouting ACAB from the streets (or the internet in this case) detracts from any argument you make. Demonizing an entire group because some of them did terrible things is going to set back an entire movement by alienating people who support police reform, but who also think of police as people or possibly even have loved ones who are cops that treat all people regardless of race, religion, etc. with respect and stand up when they see something wrong happening. You can literally choose any group of people in history and demonize them due to the behavior of a few, so why even bring ACAB into the mix at all and destroy your message for so many people who might actually listen to you if you weren't out there calling people bastards? If people want to actually talk about police reforms and not just yell about how how they hate cops, or cops should all kill themselves or quit their jobs, I'm open to it. Whether it's a Canadian band, you, or whoever, I don't care. TLDR - I jumped in too quick just kind of skimming things, but I still think your username is detracting from your message.
  2. Sure, supporting police reform but not calling all cops bastards makes me a bootlicker. Makes tons of sense. Terrible things have happened and any cops who committed crimes should be prosecuted like anyone else. Riots with no one coming to the table to talk about the issue at hand and make change doesn't do anything. Talking to community leaders and pressing the government for change must not be as cool as changing your username to ACAB though, and chanting ACAB through the streets probably really makes people want to get on board with your cause...
  3. The person you're talking to has "all cops are bastards" as their username. They do not want any sort of meaningful discourse, they just want to yell their opinion as loudly as possible.
  4. To be fair, it really should say something about it being a boot in the title of the thread. @superpeephole
  5. I hope this does end up being everywhere. Have a boot and would love to pick up the official cheap down the road.
  6. This sounds like its going to be great, but thats too much for a single LP.
  7. If they have a significant history of shipping out damaged items? Sure. Maybe reread your response to that person. It came off as unnecessarily combative and self-pitying. Kind of turdish. Of course no one should be shipping out damaged records, that’s a given. I’ve received records that seem like they were packed damaged and I typically contact the seller to let them know and get a replacement. I may even have boo-hooed about it a little bit on here, but I can’t imagine essentially telling someone that their experience doesn’t matter because it is different from mine. Anywho, I’m not looking to get into a protracted argument or discussion about this, so I’m done at this point. Feel free to express your opinion, but if you out of hand dismiss another person’s experience, expect to get called a turd.
  8. Don't be a turd, dude. It's fine for someone to point out they've had no issues with a company if you talk about having problems. It helps people see if it is worth the risk ordering from a company or not.
  9. Feels like the title of this thread should have "Embrace (UK)" to help differentiate from the Embrace that most people on this board would get excited about.