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  1. Well, one of them is Shelby, so...unless we think Shlebs is also wasda, which I won't rule out...eh.
  2. Oof, even the description of the one for sale: this is a lathe cut record, pressing quality reflects this and skips in a spot or two (ATLP140XP w/ an Ortofon Blue) all inserts included
  3. Same. I entirely missed the original release. I got mine for $40, which isn't great...but really isn't that bad for something so limited and out of print/unlikely to ever see another pressing. The only other one I even had a chance at went for 75.
  4. Was able to finally order one of mine! Hope it arrives in good shape https://www.discogs.com/release/16955691-Orwell-Orwell-1995
  5. Repress on glow in the dark: https://triplecrownrecords.limitedrun.com/products/652713-holy-fawn-death-spells
  6. They were on Vagrant for Infirmary, and on Asian Man for Goddamnit, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, S/T, so that makes sense for those labels to release those albums.
  7. Yeah, I was just surprised since it was so limited and somehow still there.
  8. Nice! Yeah, a bunch of that stuff I was like. Hm, $16? Yeah ok.
  9. Apparently 'Our First Taste Of Escape' is also still available from intheclouds? Appears to be a lathe https://intheclouds.io/products/penfold-our-first-taste-of-escape-splatter?_pos=1&_sid=49d02609b&_ss=r It said something about how it wouldn't ship until September, but I got an email about it being prepared to ship right away.
  10. A bunch of stuff is on sale right now. I ended up grabbing some colored copies of stuff I already had black copies of and was holding off on. Grabbed Ups & Downs, Sorry About Tomorrow, and On A Wire for under $50 plus shipping.

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