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  1. It's very noticeable, and I say that knowing I didn't really notice the bit on that +44 album.
  2. So, I didn't see it on his website, but has he said how he plans to fund the $1,000/month for everyone? Is it just redistributed tax money? Guy strikes me as a really optimistic dreamer, but I haven't really seen any kind of concrete plans from him. (I also haven't looked too far into it, honestly.)
  3. Hrm...Yup. Obviously don't have the nostalgia with these that I do with the original, but still great songs.
  4. Right on, totally reasonable as expected I don't know what it is exactly, but I enjoy the simplicity of the clear I guess.
  5. There's been a lot of snark in here about this, so I figure I'll be open and kind. For me, these sort of tribute albums don't make much sense. If I want to listen to Tom Petty, I'll put on some Tom Petty. If I want to listen to some of whatever state's best songwriters...well, I probably want to hear their original songs. There was another label that kept putting out these sort of tributes over the last few years and I think they recently just folded. Sucks, because they used to put out really awesome, lesser known bands at good prices too, then they got super into these kind of releases and everything just fell off (except prices, which increased). I just don't think these sort of tribute/cover albums are anything anyone is asking for.
  6. Nah, I was just curious what the album was. Sorry if I got your hopes up.
  7. Decided to wait this one out until it hits clearance at PV.
  8. They were saying that two of the singles they heard sounded like those two bands.
  9. yunggusace on discogs. Dude way overgrades and sends damaged goods.
  10. I got seats too, pretty good ones. There's part of me that wishes I were down on the floor...and part that would have hated fighting my way through the crowd and loved being able to easily get up, have a pee and get a beer during my least favorite song and go right back to my spot.