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  1. There is absolutely no way the last repress of that was 2013. I swear I got one for like...$25 within the last 2 years from a label.
  2. https://stagesofgrief.bigcartel.com/products stoner band featuring members of skeletonwitch, howl, and one other band I can't remember. I listened to enough of a song to get me to order it, hoping they put a cool twist on the genre.
  3. It's like...maybe don't make your handle @nycmale if you don't want people to think you "make movies" or run a "modeling agency," amirite? 😉
  4. Lighten up homie, it was a joke. Bummer that you'd not help him out because someone else said something silly.😱
  5. This...Definitely feels like @jhulud is going to get tricked into the adult film industry in a position I can't imagine he'd enjoy.
  6. Yeah...folks saying it's bad are craaaazy. I think it's different than what most people expected musically, and it was a little...on the nose for what we're living in... But it was a fine song, and the videos gave me real Bakshi vibes from most of the animation which was cool. Is it up to par with any of the first like...9 Maiden albums? Nah, but honestly not much is. Solid effort for a single off the 17th album from a band of 60+ year olds. They said in their article they were trying some new stuff, and I actually kind of wish they'd steered more into the beginning sto
  7. I dont know that it ever went up yet. Wasn't available when I made the edits either.
  8. Looks like these are available. Info in original post, but im not linking all that shit.
  9. Iron Maiden has a new studio album coming out (number 17!). Release is 09/03/2021 PO most places and on Maiden's website. Looks like some exclusive variants as well, undisclosed retailers at this point, but looks like 180 gram black standard, red marble, grey marble. Triple vinyl, triple gatefold. 82 minute double album. Pretty excited. Book Of Souls was a pretty solid effort, and this package looks slick as fuck. Black 180 gram available all over including Maiden store. $50 Silver: $60 Aus & NZ - Maniacs store and independent
  10. They have the James stuff listed on the IG, I think they would have just left it off otherwise. I hope at least.
  11. Finished the Southern Reach trilogy (Annhilation, Authority, Acceptance) a couple days ago. I really enjoyed it! Just started reading the Doom Patrol colic collections, and I'll be reading Siddhartha along with them shortly. Trying to get myself back reading regularly. Anybody keep track of things they've read on Goodreads?

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