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  1. Oh. No I genuinely thought they shipped you a cover full of knives. Apologies for not catching the sarcasm you meant by complaining about a shredded inner sleeve in response to someone else complaining about the same thing and then calling it a cash grab, which others have also non-ironically stated in here. How could I ever have made such a mistake?
  2. Right on. I think we're on the same page. To get us back on track...has anyone listened to this yet? How does it sound?
  3. Are you going to stop buying any records that come with printed inners though? Because you know that's the only way to really stop the practice. And I did suggest that buffbloom take up his issue with the label if he's that irked by it. I suggest the same to you. I must be missing your point in this post, because it sounds like you're ok with the packaging, vs your previous post, which claimed "this practice needs to change if it's a known issue." Like I said though. Unless consumers demand a change to no printed inners ever and stop buying records that come with them (never going to happen), then labels aren't going to stop doing things the way they've been doing the forever. I definitely don't have an issue with you complaining about it in the first place. It was the implication of BBs post that I took issue with. When we speak or type, the way we say things is important. I also think that sometimes people don't think about the cost of doing business, especially for a startup so I'm glad you realize that. We gave two families the cost of my services at work recently for free, and I know they didn't realize they got around $6k in services/merchandise each at no cost just because they were in a tough position financially.
  4. I thought that whole discussion was bad, but then I went into the ETID thread.
  5. Oh, trust me, I'd love if people put records only in paper inners for shipping. It would be great. Anyone who has purchased records for any amount of time knows that inners split though, and lots of people make printed inners. It's part of the hobby that you know you're probably going to get split inner sleeves at some point. I think people are missing the point of my initial post though, and that is: homeboy called this a cash grab specifically because he got a split inner sleeve which is the most absolutely ridiculous reason to call something a cash grab of all time.
  6. You're totally allowed to complain, but as you said, they're new to this. Had the paper been thicker it still might have ripped, it's paper after all. As a fellow human I'm also allowed to point out when you say something silly, and while I agree this could be a cash grab, the reason you pointed out, an inner sleeve being torn during shipping, in no way points to that. You just need to make your complaints make sense if you want them to be taken seriously. Take it up with them if you want. If they're new to this they'll probably appreciate the feedback. Like I said though, make your arguments coherent. Even what you're saying here about the licensing isn't an argument for this being a cash grab. You said they're on the third pressing. Three small pressings costs them more than one large one, and a license to make a larger number typically costs more than to make a small number unless it's based on a timeline rather than a numbered allotment. Again, I agree the price was a little steep for this considering what is coming in, but for a first foray into this and the start up costs involved I don't really see cash grab.
  7. It's not really their fault though. It's paper. It splits. It's pretty expected for inners to split in shipping. I'd imagine the license for this was pretty expensive and the runs were low, thus the high price. Was it more than it should have been? Probably. Is the inner being split indicative of a cash grab? No wayyyy.
  8. Yeah! Nothing says money grab like something...damaged in transit, being no real fault of the people who made it.
  9. Strange tone for a question about a 2 month old post. They're opening for Slow Crush on tour now though, which is awesome. Can't wait for that show.
  10. Same. Was on the verge of emailing them today. Glad to hear it isn't just me though.
  11. You may need to take a little bit of a time-out to chill, dude. Pretty sure Pledge Music are the people who actually fulfill the orders placed through them, so they're the ones with address info and the internal infrastructure to deal with shipping out the orders. They're likely unable to even release address info to Failure even if the band wanted to ship things out due to privacy policies. Also, seeing as Failure is on tour right now, how do you think they'd go about shipping orders? It's probably just easier for everyone to contest the orders with Pledge and order the record again if you want it. And before you jump on me for being an apologist/Failure fanatic...this band is only ok, and the only thing I was ever remotely interested in was FP.