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  1. Good luck with that since one of those dudes is in a coma currently
  2. 2nd Ave is probably my second favorite shop in Portland. Awesome joint.
  3. Agreed. I also hate when bands release new, usually cooler variants after the fact. Got my silver in last week.
  4. Yeah, LP would be better for sure, but I'm down either way.
  5. So, just digitally though, right? No physical release as of yet?
  6. Amoeba with the 15% off code came out to $118.98 for me if anyone was still on the fence.
  7. I know some of you dudes appreciate a nice piece of artwork, and David D'Andrea (awesome dude, btw) did some pretty sweet posters for Levitation Fest, and one specifically for Windhand. They're screen printed and beautiful. I've got the Sleep triptych he did that I still need to get framed. https://samaritanpress.org/?mc_cid=d5e32da0d3&mc_eid=d45a62708d Hope somebody enjoys these.
  8. All good. I can actually look online at all the local shops when I get a chance and see what they've got/what's close by.
  9. Oh man. Yeah I try to stay away from any kind of novelty whiskey because they're usually cool looking, but disappointing. Blantons...doesn't do it for me. It has a really grassy taste to me. I handed off the last bottle I bought a couple years ago.
  10. No luck on the Blanton's. If I get a chance I'll check some other places around town.
  11. Almost bought a bottle the other day, but chickened out. I never get stuff at bars any more.
  12. Blantons are relatively easy, but Weller has gotten harder and harder lately. (I actually don't love Blantons, so I'm not sure how hard it is to find anymore. Used to be pretty easy though.) I've cut down on buying lately because I've just about maxed out my liquor space, but I'll check next time I'm at my local joint.