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  1. Hot Damn! Is a good call. I'll have to add that into my set.
  2. Same. Not sure I even bothered with that. Pretty much the only stoner/doom stuff I've been getting lately is stuff I already have a collection going for.
  3. Word. I actually do have a couple other CDs in my car, but a lot of them are ones I have to be in a specific mood for, or got super cheap at garage sales or whatever. If I had to rank my top 5 in my car though it's probably the two I got today (Neil Young, 3EB) and StD - Through Being Cool, Goya - The Obelisk, and some Riding Easy comp or a mix my wife made.
  4. Yeah, my first thought after getting these was that I should pick up a JEW album too. Mainly because I went to that Third Eye Blind/JEW tour a couple weeks back. Solid show.
  5. I'd imagine most of us nowadays don't really keep a huge selection of CDs in our cars, what with phones and streaming and what-have-you, but do any of you have a few CDs you keep in your car "just in case?" If so, what are they? This is kind of like a desert island type deal, but less severe. I'm not looking for any more than 10 albums, and I'd like to keep it under 5. Example: I was at Goodwill today and browsing the CDs for fun. Ran across Neil Young - Harvest, and Third Eye Blind - S/T and thought, "Huh, those would be good CDs to keep in my car just in case something happens and I don't have any music for a drive." That's actually what prompted this post.
  6. Bunch of great final fantasy remasters recently if you haven't played all of those. I really like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 also, but I've seen mixed feelings out there.
  7. Sooooo fucking over AllThatIsHeavy as a place to buy records. You guys get this "vault" email where they're selling old stock at secondary market prices? Ridiculous.
  8. Same. I managed to get The Coast Is Never Clear a while back for a decent price, but haven't found any of the others reasonably enough
  9. Beulah reissues would be tops. That's one of my most wanted sets of reissues. My handpour should be in my hands by the end of the day today and I'm super stoked about it!