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  1. unless they post more.... there's currently only 240 of the splatter left. They had about 1500 available a couple hours ago, so I wonder what it's limited to... maybe 2000?
  2. happy I got the koozie bundle and would have bought even if it was unlimited black... but changing the pressing numbers after you advertise them is shhhhaaaadyyyyy
  3. https://us-preorder.runthejewels.com/collections/rtj4
  4. did the cart trick on road runners site.... the galaxy is down to 370 copies and the splatter is at 960... so maybe limited to 500 and 1000?
  5. Nice! I've haven't kept up with this since I did the puzzles... but just checked their discord and saw some people got masks and some got bottle openers or something. What was on the USB? New music??
  6. I completed the puzzles on whatisreallyunderneath.com a day or so after the site went up and they had me enter my email address... then a few days ago I got an email asking my shirt size. This shirt showed up today... it's plain on the front, but has a bunch of code on the back... I haven't had time to figure it out, but I'm thinking it the tracklist for the new album.
  7. The hopeless store had a media mail option for me... $5.27. The record is $3 more, but still beats the priority shipping for splatter variant. Plus you get the free stuff (poster/passport book) and limited to 500 vs 1500... if that matters to you.
  8. It's up now at Hopeless... Mint vinyl limited to 500. you also get a Free Poster + Passport Book - Giveaway with TWY purchases over $18
  9. I ordered the ultra clear w/ aqua blue variant /175 from their webstore on 10/24 and got an update via email a week or so ago... "Hi there, If you are receiving this email, you ordered a 'Four of Arrows - Vinyl - Ultra Clear w/ Aqua Blue (/175)' We sincerely appreciate your patience while we have been waiting for the second shipment of vinyl to arrive. The ETA was confirmed and we will have them in house on 12/3/2019 and ship them out right away! We are so sorry for the delay and wait on this. If you have any other questions, please let me know!"
  10. Apparently there are multiple titles for the live album.... I received Ryman, Whiteout, and Comeback. The description on the sales page for each box says, "Contains 1 of 2 new Triple Live album sets exclusive to this package". Pretty sure it's all the same audio... just different jackets and center labels ... not sure tho, I'm kinda confused on this. A label on the shipping box states the LP's were made in.... Germany for the limited, France for the analog, and CZ for the remastered. Also, on two of the boxes... the bottom flap on the cover that pulls off is completely ripped off... honestly surprised that was all the damage due to this being over 17lbs shipped in a decently snug box, but with zero extra packaging. Kinda wish I would have thought the number thing through a little more... 069420 wasn't the best choice now that I've decided to gift a box to my mom and mom-in-law 🤦‍♂️
  11. Dang, this is good. Here's a full album stream... https://www.thefader.com/2019/10/23/great-grandpa-new-album-four-of-arrows-stream-premiere?utm_source=tftw
  12. The announcement email said that they aren't offering one month subs anymore, but I was able to reactivate my old subscription to monthly. I was 50/50 a few days ago on resubbing to get The Soft Bulletin... Songs for the Deaf next month made it a no brainer.
  13. RFC variant shows as out of stock during check out... went with the Rough Trade pinwheel
  14. Nice! I've been on the hunt for a reasonably priced copy of that s/t for a long time.