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  1. Yes. He announced it in some video a while back that he has a super detailed schedule for it. You're supposed to vote on which videos he edits from TIHC 2019 and when the first one drops from that, all the 2018 TIHC videos will drop on YT. I believe you can already watch the STD one if you pay on his website/patreon or something.
  2. lol nope. I didn't even remember. Who's betting these end up on Discogs for $50 in the hour.
  3. I mean... I'm also just confused why it's a blind box and why I need to buy it in a bundle. There are enough of decent tracks at this point that it could be worth it, but not as a bundle....
  4. Also is it just me or did they not upload the full 900 of the rainbow to Merchnow? In my cart is shows 293 left, which made me feel like I had to grab one, but it's stayed there for about an hour, so that's a really weird and fast plateu ha.
  5. Not even sure if this album is going to that great but those variants are on point. Rainbow could look cool if even remotely well split up. That Rocksound could also be really cool but I have no clue how you would manufacture that consistenyly. I image lots of bleed over and will probably look like a regular starburst vinyl in the end.
  6. Damn. Not the way I wanted to find out about this album. Will donate.
  7. As said above, use imgur. Just note that you’ll probably want to turn your photos to private which just means it isn’t shown in the app feed. First time I posted photos of records I got downvoted to hell from people looking for memes.
  8. I fuck with anything with a saxamaphone. Ceremony is only "weird" in the context of 2019's landscape, like how Blink keeps writing songs about being teenagers.
  9. Good album, but you can readily buy the album for $20 on Discogs. LTJ has never been pressed in a usable form. https://www.discogs.com/Morphine-Good/release/5167426
  10. Yeah just looked as well and spit out the drink I wasn't drinking. Everyone needs to vote for that.
  11. Nope. I'm waiting for a picture which should be any day now since they made everyone do Priority Mail. My guess is that it's just inverted flames on the back or something? Like it also shows the robot as it's engulfed in the flames as opposed to a silhouette?
  12. Grabbed it. Finally managed to get any of these....
  13. ... I really wish he would have said how these were going to be broken down before hand. They have progressively gotten more limited and with more useful side merch.
  14. https://evilgreed.net/products/knocked-loose-a-different-shade-of-blue-lp Among other places. EDIT: I think this is the same as well, but they list it weird as there are no listings I know of that are /600 https://www.impericon.com/us/knocked-loose-a-different-shade-of-blue-white-blue-colored-lp.html
  15. Since it shipped from somewhere like 5 cities over, I got it the next day and…… as expected I’m not lucky. Just a regular tour press 79/300.