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  1. STYG - Diamond: https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/vinyl-store-week-2019/products/stick-to-your-guns-diamond-black-white-merge-vinyl Look at discogs it's at $100 easy so grab or it pay later.
  2. Don't know how this didn't get bumped. New Sumerian press of this LTD to 500:https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/vinyl-store-week-2019/products/stick-to-your-guns-diamond-black-white-merge-vinyl
  3. My shipping wasn't that bad. Grabbed two copies of this and 2 copies of Diamond. $9 Priority.
  4. Exactly this. I thought the LPOE version looked better but I was thought "eh, if I do want to sell this, go for most limited."
  5. Got mine in. it wasn't opened but was the wrong variant. They gave me the "Molten Sunkist" which is the orange w/ Black Smoke. TBH I like it more than that other variant you posted here, so just gonna stick with it. I like that the cover has a removable print. That was a nice basic touch above just a regular jacket.
  6. Ugh. I really wanted to have the mockup be true, even remotely. Just like it when things match the artwork.
  7. Mine has a label but hasn't moved. I expect it to be wrong with how confusing the orders are. My email receipt says I ordered "The Blinding Light (Neon Orange)" but the mockup is clearly Red/Black. Given there's two orange variants I wouldn't be surprised if they open these up to verify and ship the orange one.
  8. Yep just found it as well after enough googling. Count me excited. Really really missed these guys. My favorite show of all time is still TWY, Fireworks, MoBo, Citizen at Downtown Disney Anaheim.
  9. More context? I filled it out and listened to the song but is it a project related to Fireworks? Where did you get that link?
  10. I've been debating getting it. Not surprised though, band isn't super active and this is like Bad Timing's 3rd release for 2019, so they aren't that active either.
  11. Dude WTF. Ok now I'm mad. I could have saved like $30 on this and the NJ release. That's like 1.5 records elsewhere. I get doing sales 6+ months down the line, but on records that haven't even shipped yet?
  12. I should have grabbed one of these just in case but we'll see. Given that almost every Whirr release on Discogs is ~<$30 I don't think this will go too crazy.
  13. Hmm this is bittersweet to me. I know their quality was meh, but I had a dream to work at a pressing plant, just to get some VC cred. Time to move to the east coast?
  14. I would keep my eyes here: https://merchnow.com/catalogs/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties/music Or here: https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/aaron-west-and-the-roaring-twenties