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    diabretic got a reaction from tokimedo in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    I mean, it’s green day. All the reason I need to “not “. 
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    diabretic got a reaction from Rip in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    I mean, it’s green day. All the reason I need to “not “. 
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    diabretic got a reaction from Monastic_mike in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
    I mean, it’s green day. All the reason I need to “not “. 
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    diabretic reacted to Satan in PO: The Lawrence Arms - Skeleton Coast   
    I wish I'd never tasted Malort.
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    diabretic reacted to dantheriver in Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread   
    No fuckin way this soft ass bullshit belongs here.
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    diabretic reacted to MyckelJay in Bad Timing Records 2020 Vault Release   
    Same. Refreshed the page at 1:59 and all 4 variants were available. Snagged the BTR exclusive.
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    diabretic got a reaction from MCDELTAT in Bad Timing Records 2020 Vault Release   
    Got the Knuckle Puck split 7". happy about it.
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    diabretic reacted to hallowken78 in Hardcore / Punk Releases & Pre-Orders Thread   
    Taking inspiration from the success of the Extreme Metal thread and irritated that I missed a drop for one of my favorite up and coming hardcore bands, I decided to start a catch-call thread for the few of us on here that are into this sort of thing.

    Mindforce just dropped a new 12" 4-song EP on Triple-B.  Sold out on their site last night, but it looks like there are a few copies on bandcamp still.  Love this band, so the high price didn't deter me.
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    diabretic got a reaction from hexrecords in Supporting Local Shops Virtually   
    Seasick Records here in Birmingham has their inventory online via their website as well as used records on their Discogs! offering curbside pickup and local delivery as well.
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    diabretic reacted to kylet in Touche Amore - TTBOADH Deluxe Book Pre-Order   
    When is this going to go on sale?! I want it so bad but that price...

    Sorry for the pointless bump, been checking discogs/ebay regularly for a used copy hoping to find this for half that price.
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    diabretic reacted to Rip in Elvis Depressedly "Depressedelica"   
    He definitely put out a single before pulling it the first time.
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    diabretic reacted to dantheriver in Elvis Depressedly "Depressedelica"   
    I went to bed too early. Still re-snagged the /300.
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    diabretic reacted to birdwell in The "Talk up your favorite local bands" Thread   
    Hey everyone, my band The World Forgot released our new EP today on our bandcamp page
    enjoy or talk shit...whichever works for you
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    diabretic reacted to YesPlease in WTB - Transit - a few records | NFG - makes me sicker 7"   
    Shoot me a message!
    - stay home, gold/black vinyl
    - stay home, eco-jacket w/ transparent orange vinyl
    - Keep this to yourself, "The Last Five Years" Press hand numbered
    - This will not define us, Sound of Fury custom jacket
    - makes me sicker 7" (from a VIP package)
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    diabretic reacted to Rip in Tiger King   
    You really don’t see any straight up animal abuse at all.  Maybe one scene comes to mind but that’s it.  I guess it kind of depends how you define “abuse.”  Physically, yeah just one scene.  But it’s not like he’s beating the shit out of an animal because he feels like it.
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    diabretic reacted to TheWindBlower in Tiger King   
    ETR seems like the most logical place to cash in on this. Though, I'd love to see a -core label do it. Like Triple B just churning out Joe Exotic LPs.
    Also, I actually went to Joe Exotic's GW Zoo in July 2017, when visiting my buddy who lived in OKC at the time. If you guys have any weird questions about it, I'll try to answer them, best I can.
    I didn't meet Joe, but I did meet the one-armed zookeeper. Price to enter the zoo was between $20-30, I think. Playing with tiger cubs was between $60-80 on top of entrance fee. We didn't spend the additional money to do that. The three of us were like the only people there that day, was around lunch on a Thursday or Friday. It was an incredibly eerie place to be. Very poorly kept up. The gift shop was the highlight. It's just as hilarious as depicted in the doc.
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    diabretic reacted to marc32137 in Tiger King   
    I'm sure ETR has already sent some emails about it.
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    diabretic reacted to MyckelJay in Hopeless Records Twelve Day of Quarantine Sale   
    Sadly MerchNow is very adamant on not accepting price adjustments. Here's something I did one time:
    I ordered a 7" from Rise's MerchNow. The next day they had a 20% off sale. I asked if I could apply the coupon, MerchNow told me no. So I canceled the order, got a refund, and re-ordered it with the discount.
    Since you likely already received your record, here's what you could do to cheat the system. If it's still available, re-order it on sale. When it arrives, send it backing your old Order ID. Sure, it's dishonest, and I don't know if they refund shipping. If not, then completely ignore this because you'd probably save like a dollar.
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    diabretic reacted to dapeebs in Supporting Local Shops Virtually   
    Darkside Records here in Poughkeepsie NY has a good amount of their inventory on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/user/DarksideRecords
    As well as ordering from their site: https://darksiderecords.com/
    Free shipping on orders $25+ and free delivery for anyone who happens to live within 15 miles of their store! They post their new used hauls on Tuesday mornings and new releases on Friday. Great store, help em out during this difficult time.
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    diabretic reacted to ZeroNowhere in Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion   
    I can’t envision myself hanging out with the person that would spend $40 and listen to this.  It would be painful.
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    diabretic reacted to backpackoat in Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion   
    If anyone happens to be interested, this is NOT the original artists. Does not state that anywhere on the page
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    diabretic got a reaction from Fowty Dollaz in Supporting Local Shops Virtually   
    20% off promo right now with code 20PERCENT
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    diabretic reacted to RecordsandIPA in FS: Thrice, Against Me!, Teenage Bottlerocket, Face to Face, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Lillingtons, Masked Intruder, Morning Glory   
    Unfortunately I need to sell some of my records in order to pay my surgery bills. I still have a few bins to go through so more will be added over the next few days.
    International buyers PM me for the shipping rate but all U.S buyers receive FREE Shipping!
    Prices are negotiable, especially on multiples!
    Masked Intruder ‎– III, Clear w/ Blood Red, Sea Blue, Kelly Green, and Highlighter Yellow Splatter. 1st press /300 -$32ppd
    **Masked Intruder ‎– Under The Mistletoe 7" , White vinyl.  2013 Fatwreck mailorder /524 ( cover has slight shelf wear, vinyl is perfect. ) -**SOLD**
    **Bad Cop/Bad Cop ‎– Bad Cop/Bad Cop 7", White w/ Grey & Black splatter. SBÄM Records / Austria Exclusive -**SOLD**
    Teenage Bottlerocket ‎– Stay Rad!, White. 1st press, Fatwreck Mail order-$27ppd
    Teenage Bottlerocket ‎– Stay Rad!, Clear w/Blue Grey splatter. Band Variant /196 *Cover signed by TBR Bass player Miguel Chen -$95ppd
    **Face to Face - Face to Face, Silver w/Black splatter. Fatwreck Store Edition /100 - **SOLD** 
    ***Thrice ‎– The Artist In The Ambulance, 2x LP Green w/ White splatter. 3rd press, Hot Topic Exclusive -  **( SOLD )**
    **Thrice ‎– Beggars, Blue/Yellow/Red Striped. Includes the BONUS 7" ( 2 rare B-sides ). 4th pressing -**SOLD**
    The Lillingtons ‎– Death By Television, Picture Disc 2019 RSD Exclusive with Hype sticker /666 -$20ppd. 
    Against Me! ‎– Searching For A Former Clarity, 2xLP White vinyl w/ White label, Black vinyl w/ Black label. Fatwreck 2005 Repress -$30ppd
    Morning Glory ‎– Post War Psalms 10", Green w/ Black splatter, Buyback Records Exclusive-$28ppd
    Morning Glory ‎– Born To December 7" , Camo ( white w/ splatter ) 2013 Fatwreck Mail order /499 - $9ppd
    All are in NM/M condition, unless specified in the description ( I'll email photos upon request )
    PM me with any questions / offers you may have. 
    I will mail your records  within 1-3 days of payment ( PayPal ) in a cardboard mailer with the vinyl outside the cover to prevent spine damage as well as cardboard in between as added protection.
    Thanks everyone.
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    diabretic reacted to Alan P in PO Now: Waxahatchee- Saint Cloud   
    Got my coke bottle clear in the mail today from Merge; it's wonderful! Nice surprise with it arriving three days early.