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Jakob Thread: LP5 Hype Edition

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Come Oct 17 fans will wait no longer.

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Oct 17   New Zealand & Australia
Oct 21   USA & Europe

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"Eight years after an explorative post-rock storm that saw them tour the world, JAKOB are back. In an emerging swell, their forthcoming album Sines is a bold and splendorous return to the world stage after an extended pause. The album’s opening track Blind Them With Science erupts in into a cacophonous roar that, dare we say it, is worth the wait. Fans have waited for eight years for this record — with patience and passion, some believing that it might not ever arrive at all.


The long-awaited follow to 2006’s Solace has been equally as frustrating for the band, with multiple injuries impeding their progress and forcing the cancellation of a massive European tour in 2013. Injury and delay now a distant memory, New Zealand’s most formidable post-rock three-piece is now back in full swing and ready to bring their unmistakeable sonic texturing to their fans once more.


As on their previous three albums and two EPs, Sines is itself a force of nature, built upon lush, epic layers and deft movement; a journey that spits with menace and relapses into beauty in a fine return to form that will see old fans ecstatic and new generations of fans intrigued.


Sines is as much soundscape as rock-show — an echo of the expansive surroundings of the band’s native Hawke’s Bay, personifying rough seas and sweeping landscapes. Each element in the vigorous trio that comprises JAKOB is as essential to the wall-of-sound as its counterparts — Jeff Boyle’s lush and commanding guitar work spirals delicately before a wide explosion, the bass of Maurice Beckett growls and pulses like an electrical current, and the powerful surge of Jason Johnston’s drumming cascades between thunderous treatment, precise, driving beats and eerie silences.


An international effort recorded across oceans, between Auckland (Roundhead Studios) and Napier (Sister Lung Studios) with ISIS’ engineer Jono Gardner and Nick Blow, mixed by Jeff Boyle with pockets of guidance from the likes of long-time UK-based co-producer David Holmes, ISIS’ Aaron Harris, and Nick Blow, and mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog.


Born in the sleepy seaside town of Napier, Hawke’s Bay in 1998, JAKOB are a band of cult status here and internationally solidified as a post-rock outfit to be reckoned with, having toured Europe, the UK, Australasia and the US on the back of their last record. As their reputation continued to build they were twice personally invited to tour with American prog-rock heroes Tool throughout Australia and New Zealand, and toured along-side Damo Suzuki, frontman for seminal German psychedelic band Can.


A singular presence in New Zealand’s rock legacy and momentous figures on the international post-rock scene, comparisons to such timeless acts as Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Sigur Ros & ISIS continue. The sonic force that is JAKOB is alive once more, unbridled and ready to bring Sines to stereos and stages across the globe."

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Yeeeees. The anticipiation killed me a while ago already. At some point I switched into a full on zen attitude - it'll come when it comes. It's taken so long but not too far down now.


All you Jakob followers probably know of this already but this project involving members of Jakob helped hold me over for some time. http://meanmusic.bandcamp.com/album/knowing


Also available on cool icy blue vinyl B)



They're on Mylene now? Thought Doognad was supposed to release it. There was a press release and everything. Maybe I've missed something though as that was like a year ago.


*Ok, found the Mylene press release done in June as well. Going off what they were planning with Doognad, there's a lot of hope that they will indeed go ahead with those same repress projects on Mylene as well.



Doognad is proud to announce the collaboration with Jakob! In 2013 we will release their long awaited new album on vinyl. That is not all, Solace will see a re-press on Doognad AND both Subsets of Sets and Cale:Drew will finally be available on the vinyl format.

No set dates for releases yet but we will let you all know as soon as we get things sorted.
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I really hope all the Doognad represses make their way to Mylene as well.  Whether that means they'll have exclusive variants or just share from the same pool of new pressings.  Either way is cool with me.  The only Jakob album that I own is a standard black press of Solace – I'd love to own that album on a fancy colored repress.


I haven't checked out Knowing yet, but I've been meaning to for the better part of a year.

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It's been so long. I'm a little afraid it may disappoint. Hope it kicks butt.


Who knows how biased this article is, but this little snippet gives me hope;


TimeOut has had a sneaky listen to the album, and we can confirm they're in fine form, with waves of gigantic metal grooves crashing over sweeping textures and lush atmospheres.


We've been thrashing the album's opening track, Blind Them With Science, and it's one hell of a way to kickstart your day.


Trust us when we say Sines, due out on October 17, is going to be an album to treasure.

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Hope they can do some US touring behind it. I was lucky enough to catch them opening for ISIS on the final tour. What a fuckin show that was.


I can only imagine.  Color me all the flavors of jelly.


Will be purchasing. I hope Cale:Drew gets pressed eventually as well.


I would say that odds are extremely good.

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3 year old teaser been on my Favorites bar for what seems like forever... did deleted say possibly disappoint? Perish the thought, brah!




Single track version on YT:



For anyone from Russia who wants to leave comments on Jakob status updates:



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I really hope all the Doognad represses make their way to Mylene as well.  Whether that means they'll have exclusive variants or just share from the same pool of new pressings.  Either way is cool with me.  The only Jakob album that I own is a standard black press of Solace – I'd love to own that album on a fancy colored repress.


I haven't checked out Knowing yet, but I've been meaning to for the better part of a year.


Do you have the EU version that Conspiracy put out? They also put it out on red wax but I've never come across one on sale anywhere. Someone's selling a black one on Discogs for +40€ and all Graveface variants go for the same amount, sadly.


Do it ! It's a bit more electronical but there's a lot of Jakob vibin'.



I'll keep hope with skepticism until I hear it.

Sheath is a good fit, but I can't help but wonder why Graveface was dropped as the label to put this out (or maybe the drop was the other way around).


Maybe they only had a deal for one album? Doognad was announced like a year ago but then dropped as well a bit ago. I'm more interested to know what happened there because Doognad made quite a bit of hype over that. Mylene's a good fit but I'm just sad that it'll cost a lot more to get that stuff over here. Being a Norwegian label, Doognad stuff would be so much easier to get. All you US dudes have it good though. It'll all be pressed on some crazy coloured vinyl so at least there's that. :rolleyes:


Sweet, I'll definitely check this out. I've been watching for a while in hopes of finding a copy of Solace, but no luck so far as I don't feel like spending $60+. 


So bummed that I missed out on the copies that Graveface unearthed for that label rehabilitation thing. There was like 30 copies or more when it went live I think but the cost was 44$. That's quite a bit for an LP straight from the label. Didn't mind paying that much as it's such a good album but just couldn't afford it at the time with the addition of trans-atlantic shipping and all. I think a lot of people on here managed to snag one.



Oh, I am.  For sure.  But only because I've heard both albums in the ITTCT PO, many times... and it's been 8 years since we've gotten any new Jakob material.


Didn't realize it was that long ago. Gotta get back to listening. To me, they're not really sunny summer daze listening so been lacking the conditions to put them on. Come autumn though...lush falling leaves, grey skies and autumn rains + Jakob ^_^

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