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Jakob Thread: LP5 Hype Edition

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Considering the massive gap in material, I'd be pretty disappointed if this band made no effort to progress or try new sounds with the new album.

I just mean it's missing some signature elements I expected. They had a particular way of working with delay that would have been nice to hear again as a reminder of where they came from.

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This track is HUGE  in so many ways... (and how much more delay can you desire, has to be like 16 in series!!) - and how in the world can they do something like this live? Jeff must be looping like crazy - that intro I can't even get my head around.  The mid to latter portion it is much easier to hear the layering.  He is the master of ebb and flow.


I hope they kept that real sludgy track on the Soundcloud teaser from Oct 2011 - can't wait to hear it turned out.  The way they hitched Cale:Drew from Skewaard's outro into Malachite's intro on Solace still gives me goosebumps, so I wouldn't expect them to have done that again.


I've been chilled so long that what's another 2 or 3  months, plus still much music to digest from this year so far.

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Solace is one of my favorite records in the genre. And I will welcome this new one with gratefully open arms and ears. Hope they can do some US touring behind it. I was lucky enough to catch them opening for ISIS on the final tour. What a fuckin show that was.


I went to the Seattle show of that tour. After Jakob's set (my introduction to the band) I ran over to the merch table hoping they had some vinyl, which they did, the red/black Solace. 

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