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"Higher And Higher" 7" (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER)

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Just came across this.





It's pretty expensive, but it's officially licensed and Wain/Showalter were involved. I'm not crazy about the coverart, but I am crazy about the song. Very few things will get me to spend $15 on a 7", but I know I'd be kicking myself for not picking this up. 


They have a bunch of Camp Firewood/Wet Hot related T-Shirts too.


7": http://www.rustedwave.com/product/higher-and-higher-whas-7-inch-record


7" + T-Shirt Bundle #1: http://www.rustedwave.com/product/whas-show-me-the-fever-record-tee-package


7" + T-Shirt Bundle #2: http://www.rustedwave.com/product/whas-show-me-the-fever-record-baseball-tee-package


All The Wet Hot Stuff: http://www.rustedwave.com/category/wet-hot-american-summer

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