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Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

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7 minutes ago, AdamJNovak said:

Went with the splattered variant. I like the black in clear blue but looks like you have to be in Europe to buy that.. 

I bought in the US with no trouble. With intl. shipping it's about 30 bucks, steep for one record but I'm a sucker for 'rarest' variants at time of release. 

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Wish there was a rarer variant for here in the US. Grabbed the quad from Polyvinyl because it’s sounds like it’s the rarest here out /2000. Would have grabbed the EU one /200 because it’s only $6 more. 


Also yeah, I still want that split from the summer. 


Interesting. Background to the album: it was recorded in an 86 Hour Marathon recording session. Haven’t even listened but know it’s gonna be good

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