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PO: Arcade Fire - WE (Out May 6th)

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Signed Print: https://store-us.arcadefire.com/

Shame that there is no exclusive color, the cover artwork would have given so much potential for splattered or swirl color variants.


Limited Indie White Vinyl UK: https://www.banquetrecords.com/arcade-fire/we/19439971222

Resident: https://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=88782

US: https://parkavecds.com/UPC/194399712511

Germany: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/arcade-fire-we/hnum/10892882


The new song sounds amazing and very promising:


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Amoeba is also taking preorders for the white vinyl pressing. I was able to use the 2-day sale code MAR15 to take 15% off.



Up at Bullmoose as well.



There is an exclusive picture disc pressing available direct from the artist.



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28 minutes ago, deftbarley said:

Reflektor was/is awesome. Everything Now was/is a snore. This sounds like they're trying to be The War On Drugs who sound like they're trying be every Petty/Springsteen song all at once.

Nah, this song sounds more like old AF that anything since Suburbs. Lightning sounds like Reflektor and Funeral had a baby, with the Funeral half being dominant. It sounds more like AF than Everything Now which as a whole album was absolute dogshit with the exception of the first singles and 1,2 other songs.

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I can see where the TWOD comparisons are coming from and they're honestly not that far-fetched.  Gotta' agree that I'm getting way more Suburbs energy from this than anything they've done in a long while though.  And I'm in a very small camp that didn't completely hate Everything Now – though it absolutely has some of their worst material to date – but I'll still gladly add this to my 2022 Anticipated list.

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22 minutes ago, booms528 said:

My ranking would be Funeral > Suburbs >>> Neon Bible > Everything Now >>> Reflektor

This song definitely sounds more like the first 3 albums which is SUPER encouraging and somewhat unexpected.

I didn’t love Reflektor at first then Porno randomly came up on shuffle and I heard it in a new way. Then I listened to the whole album with a new perspective. I hope I come around on this. I’m open to it. 

NB > Funeral > Burbs/Reflektor >>> EN

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