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Discogs Marketplace - Spammed with Scams

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I'm assuming everyone else's Discogs wantlist/marketplace is nearly half scam accounts listings. It's tons and tons of "New Seller accounts" selling expensive things and rare things a tad cheaper. Listings even have believable product gradings and descriptions. I've even seen old accounts get hacked (so they have reputable feedback) and then start listing things. 


If you look at some of the new RSD listings (like Taylor and The 1975) you can see people who clearly don't have the eyes for this talk about getting tricked


I haven't seen any chatter about this here and haven't seen Discogs address it, which is surprising because it's been going on for like most of 2023 so far and getting even more predatory and clever. I hope it gets better because I rarely ever look closely at the Marketplace now. 

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I've been on Discogs for 15 years or more and its only become obvious in the last six months. I wonder what has changed to cause this.

Agree Discogs dont seem to have any plans or idea on how to address this, I was reading a few posts on the Discogs forum earlier today and there are a lot of pissed off users.

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They sent a message out today:


Discogs has recently detected an increase in scammers in the Marketplace, and we’re taking action to address the issue. New sellers on Discogs will undergo a waiting period to reduce fraud attempts.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and trustworthy marketplace for independent buyers and sellers. If you see suspicious activity, please report it immediately to Discogs Support through this form.

Learn more about how to recognize fraud in our guide to best practices for buying safely on Discogs:

Safe Buying Tips


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Not to resurrect an old thread....

 just got this DM on discogs and it just reaks of a Scam:


Hello again and sorry for the inconvenience, I am looking for one of these two albums exactly of which I sent you the links, for me it is a question of colors since I also have a copy, I am willing to send my copy and pay $1000 + expenses shipping via paypal or $1000 + 4 albums that you can choose from my Discogs sales list, I have very interesting albums, I would greatly appreciate your answer whatever it is at least so I don't continue searching 🙂 my offer is totally serious and I would pay immediately ,I am a serious person

I mean I am a serious person is definitely not a red flag lol

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