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[RSD 2014: Request Thread]

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Hi guys!
I'm wondering if any kind soul here help me with this titles :
August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker
Strife - In This Defiance
V/A Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock

Willing to add in a few bucks for the trouble. 

just fyi, Pop Yeh Yeh is a genre that was popular here in Malaysia during the 60s (as still is!). If you like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, then you might wanna give that compilation a try. It's the most sought after RSD title here right now in Malaysia. Only one store here got few copies of it and sold out not long after that. 


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I know this is a long shot but still really looking for the Paranorman OST and the three Crosses 10". Willing to trade a majority of my collection. Take a look and let me know if we can work something out. Also would be willing to add in some cash to a trade if it works out that way.Thanks!



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If anyone is in desperate need of Banks -The Remixes your typical flipper has finally put up a copy on ebay, this just annoys me, but it's to be expected sigh


Yea saw that earlier. Was real tempted to make a purchase. Luckily my common sense decided to pass.

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So I was really lucky with what I did get this year but there were four items I was bummed out on not getting, and no surprise they were super limited. PREX only got 1 copy for two of the items and very limited numbers of the other one. If anyone has these I'd be very interested.


Bardo Pond

School of Seven Bells



I was surprised they only got 4 copies of The Space Project record, and only one for the boxset, but the 12" will be released again later so I'll get that then.

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