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  1. I've been keeping a close eye on em since this. Makes me happy I keep getting tagged in this. Hopefully a tour + vinyl.
  2. Found a photo of Ghostdrones and that is one handsome bastard. I knew I would one day.
  3. I dusted off my Xbox 360 to play Halo Reach with both of the younger Doms. Having fun except for Rez's shit connection.
  4. Nothing lasts forever, good and bad. I take solace in this.
  5. Well, it's a shit show on fire but I'm coping.
  6. I'm going to try and start coming back around often as I remember, just get caught up in my day to day.
  7. Good to see we're both on fire work wise. My store is a sinking ship.
  8. A good deal has happened since we last checked in but I can say things are well!
  9. A weird sort of chance we both come back today, eh?
  10. Why not Zoidberg?