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  1. Never seen this mention but I did grab the bundle and also I booked Boy Rex last night!
  2. To talk on vinyl tho, I recently picked up the Some Girls LP I was missing and I'm very excited.
  3. I can't complain about much these days, work, sleep and repeat for the most part. Converge and Neurosis are touring in the summer.
  4. I want you to know that I'm going back to school and pursuing a career in mortuary science because of you. Thank you. I love you so much, text me way more often.
  5. ETR may be teasing releasing my favorite Academy Is album on vinyl and I am going to fucking scream in the void. I'm hot pissed, also I love and miss y'all.
  6. Bringing this back.
  7. I've been keeping a close eye on em since this. Makes me happy I keep getting tagged in this. Hopefully a tour + vinyl.
  8. Found a photo of Ghostdrones and that is one handsome bastard. I knew I would one day.
  9. I dusted off my Xbox 360 to play Halo Reach with both of the younger Doms. Having fun except for Rez's shit connection.
  10. Nothing lasts forever, good and bad. I take solace in this.